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  1. Bravo's Big Picture

    There's Something About Mary

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  3. Watch What Happens Live Kyle Richards & Jerry O'Connell

    S12/EP56: Kyle Richards & Jerry O'Connell

  4. Newlyweds The First Year Ep 2: Couples Retreat

    S2/EP2: Ep 2: Couples Retreat


    Following their dreamlike Hawaiian honeymoon, Kirk and Laura try to settle into married life but it's not so easy when Kirk would rather indulge in his expensive aquarium hobby than help Laura around the house. Erik and Nadine set off on their epic honeymoon across two continents, but soon realize that they may know less about each other than they thought. Tensions hit a boiling point when Laura gets fed up with Sam's meddling family, and she decides to let them know during a family barbeque. Meanwhile, Toi struggles to find her place in Hayward after giving up her fabulous life in LA, and Rouvaun's constant traveling only makes her feel more lonely.

  5. Newlyweds The First Year Ep 3: Weight of the World

    S2/EP3: Ep 3: Weight of the World


    As everyone gears up to celebrate the holidays, Toi and Rouvaun enjoy a quick getaway to LA. Toi decides to spice things up by going to a lingerie boutique in Hollywood and puts on a show for her new hubby. Laura attempts to put Kirk on a diet plan when she realizes that his weight issues are standing in the way of them having a baby. Erik and Nadine continue to learn about each other's annoying habits and when Nadine decides to take a pregnancy test following her dizzy spells, Erik worries that it may be too soon for a new addition. Laura is enjoying being a freelance writer and being supported by Sam, but after studying their credit card bills Sam confronts Laura about their spending.

  6. Best New Restaurant Ep 10: Semifinal Round 2

    S1/EP10: Ep 10: Semifinal Round 2


    The remaining four winning restaurants arrive to discover the competition has already commenced as a new group of secret diners visited all of the restaurants. In a second round of immediate elimination, two restaurants are sent home from the competition on the spot.

  7. The Real Housewives Of Melbourne

    S2/E4: Anyone For Golf?

    Chyka and Bruce collaborate with Mr. Melbourne, Eddie McGuire, on an ambitious new building project, while Gina works on her image in a colorful photo shoot. In an effort to diffuse growing resentments, Janet invites the ladies to a day of golf on the Peninsular. Even with the best of intentions from all parties, the 'reconciliation' is as hit and miss as their golf strokes.

  8. Shahs of Sunset Ep 1: I am Gay Ghandi

    S4/EP1: Ep 1: I am Gay Ghandi


    The Shahs ring in the Persian New Year but the mood dampens when Mike picks a fight with Asifa’s boyfriend, Bobby. Although Reza steps in as the peacemaker, he begins to realize that Mike's problems may be bigger than anyone imagined.

  9. Shahs of Sunset Ep 2: What Happened in Turkey?

    S4/EP2: Ep 2: What Happened in Turkey?


    With hopes of building a future together, Mike’s girlfriend Jessica completes her conversion to Judaism with a dramatic ocean swim. At Asa's house, GG reveals a secret she has been holding since the group's trip to Turkey last year, casting a dark cloud over the tight knit group. To soak up the California sun, the crew decides to organize a luxurious staycation in Malibu, but the dynamic shifts when Mike faces off with Asifa’s boyfriend, Bobby, for the second time. 

  10. Shahs of Sunset Ep 3: The Devil's Staycation

    S4/EP3: Ep 3: The Devil's Staycation


    As the Shahs get their party on at the Malibu retreat, a guest's controversial comments spark another heated argument. Reza names MJ as his maid of honor, which creates tension between MJ and Asa. Trouble brews at Reza's humble abode when his fiancé's parents visit for the first time.

  11. Shahs of Sunset Ep 4: The Secret is Out

    S4/EP4: Ep 4: The Secret is Out


    When details of the trip last year to Turkey emerge, Reza, Asa, and MJ start to wonder if GG is telling the truth. MJ spends more quality time with her new boyfriend, while Reza starts to wonder if his relationship with Adam is getting stale. GG finds out about Mike's upcoming engagement and spills the beans to the rest of the group about the Turkey incident.

  12. Southern Charm Ep 1: Return to Neverland

    S2/EP1: Ep 1: Return to Neverland


    Why have one christening when you can have two? Kathryn and Thomas must plan a second christening of their daughter, Kensington Calhoun Ravenel, because the first godmother might have gotten a little too frisky with Thomas for Kathryn's liking and a new godmother has been chosen. Shep invites an old friend, Landon, to join him out at the plantation for the big day and Whitney, who disapproves of Thomas and Kathryn’s relationship, makes a point of showing up late.

  13. Southern Charm Ep 2: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

    S2/EP2: Ep 2: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner


    Thomas invites the gang to another one of his unpredictable dinner parties and this time he and Kathryn have some big news to share. As Cameran continues chasing her real estate dreams, Craig refuses to settle into office life. Meanwhile, Landon is ready to leave her old LA life behind and get back a Southern Lifestyle.

  14. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Ep 16: Amsterdamn!

    S5/EP16: Ep 16: Amsterdamn!


    In Amsterdam, tensions continue to run high between Kim and Lisa Rinna, culminating in a shocking and explosive dinner that leaves Kyle fleeing the scene. Several of the ladies enjoy the local “space cakes,” but the fun sours when Brandi unexpectedly explodes at Kyle.

  15. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Ep 17: Amster-damn Slap

    S5/EP17: Ep 17: Amster-damn Slap


    With tensions still high, the ladies start day three in Amsterdam by splitting into two groups to explore the city. Eileen confronts Lisa Rinna about Lisa’s failure to support her in front of Kim. Later, at dinner on a riverboat, all the unresolved issues come to a head. The night climaxes with Brandi playfully slapping Lisa, but for Ms. Vanderpump it’s no game. 


  16. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Ep 18: Confessions of a Housewife

    S5/EP18: Ep 18: Confessions of a Housewife


    Lisa Vanderpump refuses to accept Brandi's apology for slapping her the night before. After a final dinner in Amsterdam, which Brandi skips for a date with a 24-year-old, the women return home. Brandi gets bad news about her father's health. Kyle is shocked when Lisa Rinna tells her that Brandi has talked about Kim needing an intervention. Later, in Palm Springs, Kyle angrily reveals to Kim what her “best friend” Brandi has been saying behind her back.

  17. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Ep 19: The Party's Over

    S5/EP19: Ep 19: The Party's Over


    The women attend a splashy, over-the-top party thrown by the group’s old friend Adrienne Maloof. Lisa Vanderpump confronts Brandi about Brandi slapping her in Amsterdam, but Brandi doesn't want to hear it. Kyle gets angry with Lisa Rinna for not confirming to her sister that Brandi is also worried about Kim’s sobriety. Kim wants answers from Brandi.

  18. Bravo's Big Picture

    Ugly Truth, The

  19. Bravo's Big Picture

    Ugly Truth, The