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The Daily Dish Backyard Envy

Backyard Envy's Garrett Magee Is Going to Change the Way You Look at Indoor Plants

Backyard Envy greenery expert Garrett Magee shows us inside his Brooklyn apartment and shares how to incorporate plants into your own home.

By Courtney Thompson
Garrett Magee has a Flowery Drag Name!

Yes, in many parts of the country the weather is currently cold, wet, or worse (snow!), which has us totally craving springtime temps — especially after watching tonight’s episode of Backyard Envy. The good news is that we can bring the outdoors inside this winter via indoor plants. I know, I know, you’re likely saying, “Nope, not gonna happen!” And believe me, I hear you. Actual living plants sharing the same house as you… well, it’s intimidating. They require care and attention and love, and let’s face it, we’re a selfish group who might forget to water the little guys every now and then!

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Fear not, for Home & Design recently chatted up the Backyard Envy greenery expert Garrett Magee, who has some words of wisdom for us when it comes to the best locations for certain plants (who knew ferns love steam?!) and how and where to arrange them in your space. Check out his tips below… and see how he arranges the plants in his own apartment in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg nabe.

1. Ferns… in the Bathroom!

“Ferns are great for the bathroom because they love steam,” advised Garrett. “Just make sure they are getting some natural light. 

2. Be Cognizant of Your Home’s Natural Light

“My office gets a lot of southern exposure sunlight, so I like to put all my sun-loving plants there,” said Garrett, and we couldn’t agree more with his location choice.

3. Don’t Be Afraid of Oversized Plants

“I like putting really big statement plants in my living room window to add drama to the room,” shared Garrett. “If you get the winter blues try getting some big plants to make your home feel like an escape.”

4. Create a Clique

“If you have a lot of small plants, try clustering them,” said Garrett. “The more textures and different variety of leaf shapes, the better.”

5. Get You Some Fun Pots

“Don't worry about having all matching pots,” said Garrett. “Why not have fun with your pots? This speedo pot might be my favorite.”

6. Crystals… So Hot Right Now

 “I put crystals in all my plants,” Garrett explained. “You’ll want to place them inside or around your plants. [Crystals] have healing powers to boost your plants. Citrine and Moss Agate are two of my favorites.”

7. Put Some Staghorn Ferns on the Walls

Best for “if you live in a small apartment and don’t have much floor space,” Garrett suggested. He added, “Why not hang your plants on the wall?”

Want to learn more from Garrett? Tune into Backyard Envy every Thursday at 10/9c!

Credit: Garrett Magee

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