The Backyard Envy Crew Has a Genius (and Mobile!) Solution to Your Outdoor Privacy Problem

The Backyard Envy Crew Has a Genius (and Mobile!) Solution to Your Outdoor Privacy Problem

Backyard Envy's Manscapers know a thing or two about creating not-so-permanent privacy screens.

By Courtney Thompson
Backyard Envy Goes Back to Black

Have you ever been invited to a friend’s home for a barbecue where you’re in the midst of throwing back a cocktail and telling a wildly funny story… when suddenly you lock eyes with their neighbor? This is a common scenario for city dwellers and suburbanites alike. Let’s face it: We’re all cramming into one giant piece of land, trying to maintain privacy while living side by side.

During the latest episode of Backyard Envy, James DeSantisMelissa Brasier, and Garrett Magee were tasked with fixing this exact conundrum. Clients Andrea and Max were looking to completely redo their Brooklyn home’s outdoor space — described by Melissa as a “concrete nightmare” — turning it into a beautiful haven with separate dining and lounge spaces. One key detail that needed to be achieved: The new-and-improved yard had to somehow give both the home owners and the garden-level tenants some much-needed privacy.

How did they address this request? With planters, of course! This time the crew employed planters with casters, meaning Andrea and Max’s tenants could easily move in and around them with a gentle push. Genius!

Where else would this concept work? Your backyard, of course. Invest in a few planters on wheels and move them around all year long, depending on where you need them most.

Below we’ve rounded up up a handful of planters that will surely provide you with the same screen of privacy you’re craving. Some have hidden casters, while others are in open view. Either way, the flexibility they provide by being mobile is something you’ll never regret choosing. 

Nice Planter Corten Steel Trough on Casters

Cararo Self-Watering Plastic Pot Planter

Delano Resin Pot Planter

Best Choice Products Self Watering Wicker Planter

Patio Rolling Planter Prairie Style

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