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The Daily Dish Backyard Envy

The Backyard Envy Crew Shares Which Plants Have Health-Boosting Properties

The Manscapers offered some tips on plants that can help with everything from stress relief to skin ailments. 

By Jenny Berg

Plants add a little spruce (no pun intended) to any home, whether it's a gorgeously landscaped garden or a lush fern adding some tropical vibes to a tiny city bathroom. But the benefits of plants are more than meets the eye. According to the Backyard Envy crew, adding a little greenery to your home could also have health-boosting benefits ranging from purified oxygen to clearer skin.  

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Melissa Brasier, James DeSantis, and Garrett Magee recently offered some tips about planting a healthful garden. "All plants add to your health both mentally and physically, bringing in more oxygen and a general sense of well-being from taking care of a living thing," the gang pointed out.

They continued: "Peace lilies, pothos, and philodendrons on the interior give off more oxygen and filter air very well — and are beautiful. Spider plants remove formaldehyde from the air. Lavender is a great relaxing scent that can help with stress relief. Aloe vera is a beautiful plant that can help with all sorts of skin ailments. Echinacea or cone flower can be used to help with immunity. The list goes on and on!"

But if they had to recommend just one plant that everyone should spring for, it might be a lush, leafy pothos plant. "Pothos is a beautiful plant that starts small, can be propagated easily, grows beautifully, and is not super sensitive," The Manscapers told us. "It looks great in living rooms, kitchens, and even bathrooms. It promotes super healthy air quality and is beautiful, easy, and affordable. It also grows like crazy, so purchasing it very small and low-priced can quickly fill in areas of the home — and it hangs beautifully from decorative baskets!"

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