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The Daily Dish Below Deck Mediterranean

This Is How Kasey Cohen and Jamie Jason Dress When They're Not on Deck

Plus, the Below Deck Mediterranean pals reveal their beauty and fitness routines. 

By Chantel Morel
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It may be hard to picture Kasey Cohen and Jamie Jason in anything other than their yachtie uniforms, but when the Below Deck Mediterranean newcomers aren’t on duty, they are true stylistas. In fact, if you scroll through their Instagram pages you're bound to come across some smokin’ hot swimwear and fashion inspo. But a passion for fashion isn’t the only thing these two pals have in common — we recently learned both yachties are serious skincare enthusiasts.

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Read below to learn all about Kasey and Jamie’s off-duty style, how they keep their skin glowing while at sea, and what the yachties think about Hannah Ferrier’s new fashion venture.

How would you describe your style when you’re not on deck?

Jamie Jason: For me, when I’m on deck I really don’t give a sh--. I mean, I’m with boys, so I'm roughing it up with them. When I’m off deck I try and be myself. [My style], it’s like sophisticated, dresses that are above the knee, and it’s almost always all black. Everything I wear is all black and I tend to go with a bronzy eyeshadow and a nude lip for basically all my looks. For traveling, I always wear Nike. I’m obsessed with Nike.

Kasey Cohen: I like to be cute. I’m a big fan of rompers and nice flowy dresses. And then I’m also the type of girl who's just gonna wear jean shorts and a tank top and make it look like a Jessica Simpson, Dukes of Hazzard kind of thing. I’ll also do Gymshark, they’re an athletic wear brand but they make everything look nice and tight. So Gymshark and then Alphalete — I wear them a lot if I’m traveling or if I don’t feel like getting dressed up.

Speaking of athleisure, Hannah Ferrier just launched her new activewear line. What do you think about it?

KC: She didn’t send me any.

JJ: Oh, she did send me one. It looks edgy, very fun, very playful. Like [Hannah] said, she tends to push the boundaries — because she’s 30, and who says 30-year-olds can't be fun and edgy? So I think that’s the direction the line is going in.

KC: It describes her personality.

How do you keep your skin looking flawless while out at sea?

JJ: I start off with the iS Clinical Warming Honey Cleanser because I don’t like scrubby things. And then I move over to … sort of like an essential oil kind of a drop, and I use a product called iS Clinical Pro-Heal Serum Advance Plus for damaged skin. Then I put on a sleeping mask and a moisturizer. So it’s quite a long regimen, but it works.

KC: I’ll start off by washing my face with an exfoliant, usually a Neutrogena exfoliant. I personally like the Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub. Then, I’ll wash my face with a normal acne wash, and then I’ll put on some type of moisturizer and I’ll go about my day. At night, if I’m wearing makeup, I’ll take off my makeup with a Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipe and then I’ll exfoliate and do the same [as the morning].

How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle?

JJ: Kasey is in the gym more than I am in the gym. I personally do not want to step foot in the gym. I hate working out. My weight loss came from eating right, surprisingly. Like they say it's 80 percent in the kitchen, 20 percent in the gym. I adopted a full vegan diet for a couple months, didn't last. But if there is any advice I would give it’s just healthy eating, stay away from the crap. It makes all the difference. I'm walking proof, basically.

KC: As for me, I do go to the gym a lot. But what I like to say is if you're wanting to lose weight not to consider it a diet, just a healthy lifestyle. And just make better choices. Eat in moderation. You don't have to necessarily just eat healthy all the time, but if you substitute a roll for a wrap or if you don’t have bacon in the morning with your eggs, you can then have two or three Oreos as a dessert. You have to eat in moderation and kind of reward yourself and you pick and choose when you wanna eat bad. So if I ate bad for lunch, I’m going to eat healthy for dinner. And if I had a whole bad day because there was an awesome BBQ then I’ll eat better tomorrow. In the gym, I do weights and cardio. You’re not going to get as many results if you’re just doing cardio you have to add some type of weight into it.

JJ: That's where we're different, if I do weights, I become heavy and bulky. So I stay away from weights and I just do cardio, if I have to go to the gym.

KC: I think it’s just really important to keep in mind that everyone's body is different so just because it works for me, just like Jamie said, it may not work for you. So I think you also need to be patient with your body and try something and be patient to see if it's doing anything. And if it's not, then change it up.

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