Hannah Ferrier Reveals Her Take on That Intense Moment with Bobby Giancola

Hannah Ferrier Reveals Her Take on That Intense Moment with Bobby Giancola

The #BelowDeckMed chief stew shares where things stand with the deckhand today.

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Bobby Calls Out Hannah

The Below Deck Mediterranean crew's first night out also brought the first big argument of the season. Bobby Giancola thought Hannah Ferrier was saying negative things about him to his yacht crush Malia White. When the deckhand confronted the chief stew, a heated discussion erupted, ending with Bobby calling Hannah an alcoholic and saying she was jealous and Hannah vowing that she would always remember this conversation. 

We caught up with Hannah before the episode aired to get her take on why the argument started, her reaction to Bobby's comments, and where things stand between the yachties today.

Bravotv.com: What do you think caused the argument between you and Bobby after the crew's first night out? What was that all about?

Hannah Ferrier: The argument stemmed from Bobby believing I had dissed him to Lauren [Cohen] in New York - when I hadn't. He didn't have the decency to approach me and discuss it. Instead he waited, and when Malia made a joke with him, he lost his cool and started an argument with me. At the time, I genuinely had absolutely no idea what he was talking about.

What was your initial reaction when Bobby called you an alcoholic during the episode? What's your response to that?

I think that's just an immature boy lashing out and trying to hurt someone by name calling. 

Where do you and Bobby go from here throughout the rest of the season? How does this affect your relationship?

The season is very up and down. I had to drop a lot of things that I was annoyed about for the sake of the crew. 

Where do things stand between you and Bobby today?

We don't talk and won't be moving forward. 

Relive the moments before Bobby and Hannah's beef during the crew's first night out, below.

It's the Crew's First Night Out!
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