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This is the Scene from Below Deck Kristin Chenoweth Can't Forget

"Thank God you weren't by yourself with him."

By Molly Socha
That's a Fire!

Celebrities are just like us. Take Emmy and Tony award-winner, Kristin Chenoweth. She puts her rhinestone-covered booties on one foot at a time, and like many, and she loves a good Bravo binge-session, especially when the show is Below Deck. On the latest episode of the Bravo podcast After Deck with Kate Chastain, Kristin told Kate about the scene from Season 3 that she can't get out of her head. 

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"I Just don't know what it is; I don't know why it is. It was the episode with the fire," Kristin explained. The multi-talented singer/actress is no stranger to accidents in the workplace. In 2012, Kristin sustained head and neck injuries after lighting equipment fell on her while she was filming The Good Wife. "I think because I am so aware of how accidents, and certainly injury and accidents, have changed my life in the past, but just how truly dangerous, how truly important it is, when you're in that situation—how y'all work together—to trust the people."

Kristin did not feel as though Chef Leon Walker was looking out for his fellow crew members in that moment. "I do not think the chef on that season had y'all's backs." In addition to the fire incident, Chef Leon didn't gain any favor with Kristin from his contentious relationship with Kate. "I certainly did not like the way he spoke to you, in particular," Kristin shared with Kate in the podcast episode. 

It wasn't all roses and rainbows for Kate, either. "It was frightening, honestly," Kate said. "I have no sense of smell; so I can't smell the smoke." When Kate mentioned how thankful she was to have other people on board to identify the issue, Kristin added, "Thank God, you weren't by yourself with him!" She was referring to Chef Leon, of course. Kate explained she'd never let that happened and responded she'd be more likely to abandon ship than be isolated on a boat with Leon, "I would have done a Rocky and jumped off the boat."

Another standout Below Deck scene for Miss Chenoweth was Kate's infamous rocketship blanket fold. However, Charter Guest Dean Slover also lost points with Kristin for labeling Kate's facial expressions. "[. . .] it hurt me when he was telling you about your resting bitch face." She also insisted that Kate's face is just a result of her focus and work ethic. "I think what you have is professionalism. [ . . .] I think everybody has their own style and your style is professionalism." 

"Thank you, bitchy resting face or concentrating working face, you know, tomato, tomahto," Kate replied. She also thinks her mom is going to prefer Kristin's new suggestion, too. 

Listen to more of Kate's conversation with Kristin Chenoweth on the full episode of After Deck above. 

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