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Adrienne: "I'm not Surprised C.J. Quit"

Adrienne explains why C.J. and Sam's reactions to Aleks' ultimatum was "par for the course."

Adrienne Gang smiles while wearing a blue polo in front of a sky backdrop. Going into this episode, Aleks issued an ultimatum to C.J. and Sam. What did you think of his original deal?
Adrienne Gang: I thought it was generous. If it were up to me, I probably wouldn't have been so lenient. 

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Watch Below Deck on Peacock and the Bravo App. Were you surprised by C.J. and Sam's reactions to it? Were you surprised C.J. decided to leave and Sam decided to go?
AG: I was not at all surprised by their responses. CJ had been breaking rules (ie. taking his shirt off) the whole trip. This was just another "par for the course" example of how little regard these two have for their superiors and for their fellow crewmates. There is no excuse for blatant bold-faced lying especially when you are doing it so you can violate rules that are set in place for the safety and security of everyone on the yacht. At least Sam apologized to Aleks, although she never apologized to either Kat or me for deceiving us. C.J. and Sam are selfish, and their lack of willingness to accept their punishment and resolve to follow the rules in the future just further demonstrates their general lack of respect for their jobs, crewmates, and the yachting industry as a whole. Some rules are made not to be broken. I was not surprised C.J. quit. Again, par for the course. Sam staying was a bit of a surprise. Aleks ultimately gives Sam all the money. What were you thinking in that moment?
AG: I was irate. I also felt betrayed, and I really thought it showed a lack of backbone and integrity on Aleks' behalf. That told me that he was much more concerned about being a friend instead of a boss. Aleks and I agreed on the "punishment." Since Sam technically worked under me, we had to agree. That experience clearly taught Sam nothing since she says afterwords she felt "victorious," like all the remorse she should have had for putting us all in a potentially bad spot with our guests, lying to co-workers, and disrespecting the chain of command and the rules was nonexistent. Sad. Later, Sam apologizes to you for her behavior. Did you accept her apology? Do you think it was sincere?
AG: I did accept it at the time. I feel like if what she said was truly how she felt, why did it take her six weeks to get to that place? I felt some part of it was sincere, but I think it's pretty obvious by her comments that she enjoys making others feel bad about themselves, and I think if she really felt bad about it, she wouldn't have continually done it the whole trip. I think the final note she ended that conversation on is more telling about her sincerity than any of the rest of it. You really let loose with the final charter guests, having some of the crew wonder whether it was your "coming out." Do you have any comments about that?
AG: I think it's offensive because they use it as an insult, and I don't think homosexuality should be used with such a careless disregard for what it actually means. I have a lot of gay friends of both genders, and it's not the first time I've been labeled that way. To be honest, it doesn't bother me a bit because I personally don't hold a prejudice, and I'm comfortable with my own sexuality, and i don't hold a bias against anyone else for theirs. Only people who see homosexuality as a bad trait would walk around using it to hurt others' feelings. I would encourage them all to be less offensive to massive groups of faithful viewers and be more creative with their bullying in the future. Ben and you seemingly have your first quibble when he tells you you're not his boss. What was your reaction to that?
AG: He's right. I'm not his boss. I guess I was really hoping to have the support of Aleks and Ben collectively to keep the whole crew from going anywhere the night before our last charter. I was concerned that not everyone would be responsible about it and that we may end up in the same re-run of The Hangover that had plagued us so much from the start of the trip. Is it that crazy for me to want everyone to be well-rested and energized to knock out the last charter? What was your reaction to Eddie's promotion?
AG: I think he is a hard worker and a good listener and he deserved it. It was pretty obvious that he took the job seriously and wanted to learn as much as he could while he was there. The season's over! Who were you most sad to say goodbye to? Who would you like to work with again?
AG: I am sad to say goodbye to Lee, Ben, Dave, and (despite our differences) Kat. I would work with all four of them again. I think that under different circumstances Kat and I would have gotten along really well. What was your biggest takeaway from the charter?
AG: I am lucky for the great friendships I have developed in this process. I also am fortunate enough to look at the situation and realize what I can do better in the future. I'm planning on taking a brand new management course specifically for the yachting industry when it launches this fall so I can improve. This was my first time as a chief stew, but hey, everybody has to start somewhere, right? Any final thoughts on the season?
AG: I'm just happy I had this amazing chance to show an incredible lifestyle no one really ever sees. I want to thank all the people who have been so supportive of Below Deck and of me. I am truly touched and humbled. 

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