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Captain Lee: "I Am Embarrassed"

Captain Lee had major problems with every crew member's performance this week.

By Lee Rosbach

Here we go with another week of what happens on Below Deck and my thoughts on what has transpired. Keep in mind that I find out what happens the same time you do, so I'm getting the same surprises that you get. After viewing this week's episode and the behavior of the crew, only one word comes to mind. As most of you know, I don't have a lot of rules, but two of my most important are:  1. Don't do anything that will embarrass the boat, and 2. Don't do anything that will embarrass you. With that in mind, embarrassed is the word that pops into my head. I am embarrassed. So I should just go down the list, eh?

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Kat and Ben: OK they have a history, no problem, and it may spill over into this season. Still no problem, but if you are going to have a consensual interaction, you do not, I repeat do not, use a guest stateroom under any circumstances. That is cause for termination, and they both know it. Finding out that this has happened gives me reason for pause. Kat has been doing so well, and Ben has been my one steady area that I didn't have to worry about, but the guest areas are off-limits! They know this, and to leave behind a calling card was really inexcusable, as was the whole incident. I'm not at all pleased with that behavior.


Eddie, not a good outing. Why in the world would you tell Kelley about the rude, inappropriate comments made by some idiots at the bar that obviously let their mouth write a check that their ass couldn't cash? Damaged egos make for ignorant comments and usually lead to inappropriate behavior. You should have listened to Amy and said nothing and just considered the source of the comments. You just added gasoline to a fire, and then that hollering down the dock in the middle of the night did nothing to add to our professional reputation and solved nothing. Add alcohol and bad decisions and that makes for a totally embarrassing situation. Way too much alcohol for anyone to be capable of making proper decisions, and it showed. Kate was the only one, in my opinion, that acted in a professional manner and handled herself with class and dignity. Kelley's behavior was so high school at the very best. There is no place for it here. Nothing positive was going to come out your confrontation with those buffoons other than embarrassing yourself and the boat. Two for one here.

[video_clip_url:]Could we have any more discord in the crew? Oh yes, let's not stop there. We have a pillow with some obvious stains on it that someone didn't notice when making up the room that morning. Then comes the obligatory denial. Nobody knows how it got there or what it was. That's what we get paid for: to notice the small things, and this was not small by any means. No, Kate, you didn't make the bed, but you also didn't check it. Trust but verify. Not a huge mistake, but a good lesson here. Best line of the show: "You might be pregnant now."[video_clip_url:]

Dinner service could not have been worse. Instead of the chef and chief stew figuring out the problems and solving them, they decide to go at each other playing the blame game. Unacceptable behavior. I don't need to know why it isn't working. They are both professionals and are more than capable of figuring this out and dealing with it.


Jennice, you and Kelley are letting your personal interaction affect your work, and that has to stop before things come to a head and you both suffer personally and professionally. I hope this pattern doesn't continue. Kelley, toughen up, and set your emotions aside. We have a job to do. If you guys can't deal with it, changing rooms was probably a good idea. We'll see.

Kate, I thought the way you dealt with the obviously alcohol-impaired guest (properly and with no confrontation) affirmed he was right, even if your feelings told you to do something else. I mean, if you have to ask if you are drunk, you probably are, but she could have done it with a bit less sarcasm with the crew. I have a hunch that there is more to this charter than meets the eye.Let's get to the appearance of last year's chief stew, Adrienne. Now she comes on board as a guest. Her having been on the other side of the equation, one would think that she would handle this whole situation with class and dignity. Judging from what I have seen so far in the previews of next week, nothing could be further from the truth. Absolutely no class or dignity here. Really? Rehashing something that happened between two people when you were not even present for the pure purpose of stirring things up is not a demonstration of class. Then let's see, we are going to do a scissors routine with one of the guests in front of the world while one of the guests is getting poked in the ass with a faux sword? I find this in extremely poor taste. In what world did you think that behavior would be acceptable? I was not impressed at all with your behavior and thoroughly disappointed in you. You and I know each other, and you come on my boat as a guest and behave in that fashion? I find that embarrassing, and that's what I remain: embarrassed.


Well, that about sums up my thoughts on this week. I don't think I'm winning any popularity contests this week, but I care about what people think of me and the job I do, and I don't want to upset or alienate anyone, but I would feel even worse if I didn't express my displeasure and distaste with this behavior on board this week. I only wish that I knew then what I know now about this episode.

So until next week, fair winds and calm seas...

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