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Captain Lee: "I'm Tired of the Crying"

Captain Lee weighs in on Kelley Johnson's meltdown. 

By Lee Rosbach

Arrrrggh Mates,

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What a charter this was! Gorgeous weather in the BVIs as usual and great new anchorages that we are checking out this time. Shweet. Well, let's get right to it. The crew is starting to get frazzled, and the edges are getting rough. We are there for the guests. This week's guests are great. They were not impolite, not overly demanding, and just wanted to have a good time celebrating the wife's birthday. Hey crew, newsflash! It's what we do and how we get paid! When you can drop a $20k tip, then you get what you want, when you want it, without the prejudging, condescending attitudes. Not impressed at all.

Kelley, Kelley, Kelley, let me see if I have this right. You decide to stay up all night drinking and hard partying, then you decide to get one hour sleep and you can't answer the bell in the morning? Then you have the unmitigated gall to get pissed off because you got called on it? Self-inflicted bullsh--. And to top it all off, your arm is shot from doing "normal boat work" when you fell down the stairs two days ago, or so you told me, but then you tell Jennice and Logan that you hurt it last night but can't remember it. Wow, there's a newsflash. Sounds like a lie to me. Then you bail on your crew, your job, the whole nine yards, and  just walked. Well, I have no sympathy for self-inflicted bottle illnesses. Then you sit on your ass and let the rest of the crew carry you, which is more than you deserved. You did know we had a charter coming, but obviously you didn't care enough to do the right thing. Then, you want to get an attitude with me, take your toys, and go home. And I might add this is the second time you have threatened to quit. You should be careful what you ask for. You might just get it. Can we talk? No. You want respect? Earn it. I'm tired of the crying. If you can't cut it, leave. That being said, you did do the right thing by apologizing to your crew that you disappointed. I was happy to see that. You came as close as anyone wants to get. I really want to see you step up and act like a Marine. You have enormous potential. We will see how it goes from here.


Eddie, tough charter. Your guys didn't do you any favors. When Kelley asked you, "Are you going to fire me?" you might have said no, but that doesn't mean he didn't deserve it. The guys got away from you this week and put their jobs on the line, as well as yours. You can't have it both ways. You can't be one of the guys and be their boss, as well. It just doesn't work that way. Your crew took advantage of you, but I thought you rebounded well. You pulled it together when Kelley split on you. I was glad to see you man up when I confronted you with the issue. You didn't make excuses, didn't dodge, just took it like a man and worked through it. I was proud of you for that. Lets chalk it up to a learning experience.

Kat and Kate, I think I'll voice my opinion on the two of you together. Why? Well, lets just say that I thought that the both of you could have handled the Amy thing better. Either one of you could have just listened to what she had to say and acted like it mattered, because to her, it did. I thought your dismissal of her without even letting her make her case was not handled properly, certainly not by her immediate supervisor. Kat, you could have eased the whole situation by just listening for a couple of short minutes, because it mattered to her. Would have cost you nothing but a couple of minutes. Had the situation been reversed, you would have wanted someone to listen to you and act like what they had to say mattered. It is a matter of doing the right thing, and you both failed on that count. I don't think Amy needed that insincere apology at all from you, Kate.

The beach party was a success due to both of you working hard to make it that way. Good job. My question is, why would you stop there? To keep Logan and Kat on the beach when you knew there was a birthday celebration was irresponsible and rude. Kat or you should have come back to assist. Kate, you are management and should behave like it. It's not like you don't know what's right and wrong. It seemed like you didn't care. Not good. You put everyone back on the boat in a very difficult position by short-staffing them and sitting on your asses, enjoying the moonlight, the food, and the break. Not saying that you didn't deserve the break, but not then and certainly not there. You hung everyone else out to dry with that move. 


I also wonder how you both would feel if you saw someone going through your intimate clothing and making fun of you. No one likes to be made fun of. My guess is that neither one of you would handle it very well, and it shows. Not the sort of behavior I like to see. This wasn't your finest charter, because both of you are better than you showed this week.

[video_clip_url:]Amy, I thought that you had a tough week, but the guests didn't suffer because of it. I thought you acted like a pro, not letting it affect your service and attitude toward the guests. You did a great job of handling the guests when short-staffed and made the best of a bad situation. Now, on to the drama. I think that looking back you realize that you were going to get nowhere with Kate and Kat. Or that's the way it appeared to me, unless I missed something. I would have rather seen you just drop it and just put your head down and blinders on and just do your job. You did your job, and well, but I thought you just made it harder on yourself than was necessary. Those conversations with them didn't do anything to make you feel better and you didn't need that at that time. That being said, you worked through it, and I appreciated that. Well done. Oh, and good advice to your brother. Hope he listens to you.

Jennice, first of all, let me apologize again for leaving you out of last week's blog. I assure you it was unintentional. Bet you are glad you weren't one of the guys the night they decided to stay out all night. Good decision making. They could take lessons from you. Oh and FYI, I wasn't trying to break Kelley. I was trying to get him to man up and do his job. At any rate, thanks for stepping in to try to help Amy when we were short-staffed. Way to be a team player! It did not go unnoticed. I think it's admirable the way you just keep doing your job without getting involved in the games that are all around you. It also appears that you are getting along with Kelley and keeping it from affecting your performance. I hope it continues that way. Well done.

Ben, it seems like the grind may be getting to you a bit. I totally get it that the guests didn't give you the proper information and put you in a bad position. That being said, I know that it is not the first time that has happened to you, and you always come through. It's what we do, it's what we get paid for. You seemed to take this one especially hard. Good recovery, though. You handled the birthday dinner well, even when we were put in a short-staffed position. Great cake, BTW. Not sure what the meltdown was about in the galley on the previews, but I hope that it's a passing thing. Have to wait and see.

Logan, I was glad to see you suck it up and work through the long hard day that started out this charter. You seem to have a knack for missing all the drama and BS. I don't know how you do it, but maybe you could teach me. I can't seem to miss any of it. I know, it's my job. Not going to fault you for staying on the beach. You were the only one that should have been there cleaning up.  

OK, there you have it. Not our best effort this week, but we are getting close to the end of the season, and we will see how things move forward. Nice and calm or rough seas ahead? We'll see.

Until next time, light breezes on your face and calm seas under your keel.

Capt. Lee

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