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The Crew's Strangest Charter Experiences

Hear the crew's oddest yachting tales and get their first impressions of one another.


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Watch Below Deck on Peacock and the Bravo App. How did you spend your last few days before this charter season began?
Eddie Lucas: I spent my last few days working and spending some time with my friends and family. What was your first impression of your new crew mates?
EL: At first I wasn't worried, I thought I would have time to train and test the abilities of the new crew. However, when the boat finally showed up at the dock I realized that I needed everyone to be at full working ability right away in order to get the job done. So it is an understatement to say that I was panicked, especially with a new crew member like Andrew. What's the strangest thing you've seen charter guests do on a yacht?
EL: Let their dog piss and poop on the deck...and then reward it with treats!below-deck-season-2-blogs-06.jpg How did you spend your last few days before this charter season began?
Kat Held: Before this charter season began, my last few days were spent packing and taking care of all those last minute errands that seemed relentless. It was actually a pretty hectic few days. There is so much going through your head, you don’t want to forget anything, and yet you're overwhelmed with excitement and nervousness; it’s hard to actually even think clearly. I did spend some time shopping, buying some new clothes to wear for the new season. Mainly I focused on purchasing essentials such as a new bathing suit, a fun beach hat, a mini skirt, a sun dress, some casual loose fitting blouses, and of course the perfect pair of flip flops. However, for some reason, whenever I arrive at a new boat, I realize that I didn’t pack efficiently enough and always end up buying more things. 

In addition to shopping, I made sure to call my friends and family at home. Whenever I am under a lot of pressure, they are always my best support group, and I can always rely on their advice to boost my confidence. Plus, you never know when the next free chance you’ll get in the near future to speak with them will be, especially since phone service can be hard to get in the islands. 

Ironically, partying was not on my "to do list," because I wanted to go into the new season with a clear head. However, dining at one of my favorite restaurants in Fort Lauderdale was essential. I wanted one last good meal out to truly relax and soak it all in. Since the majority of my work involves serving others exceptional food and offering them excellent service, I truly appreciate indulging in the same experience.

Also, it was important for me to find time to write in a journal that I keep. It helps to see my thoughts written down on paper, and it’s always fun to go back and reread what you were thinking before you set sail on a new adventure. 

Last but definitely not least, it was of utmost importance for me to get a good workout in, which when I’m limited in time and the pressure is high, I always choose to just lace up  my favorite running sneakers and go for a long jog while listening to encouraging music. What was your first impression of your new crew mates?
KH: Obviously, knowing Ben (the chef) and Eddie (the deckhand) from Season 1, I was excited to have them onboard for Season 2, and I was more than ecstatic to see them again. I knew the three of us were a great match for whatever was in store for this season. In addition to Ben and Eddie, I also already knew Captain Lee, and yes, I would be lying if I didn’t say I was a little bit intimidated by the thought of being under his chain of command, once again. Especially because I had caused him so much grief the first season. Yet Captain Lee was very nice to me and he actually helped me feel at ease for whatever laid ahead. 

That leaves the rest of the crew, so I’ll start with my Chief Stewardess, Kate. When Kate walked up, I instantly thought that she was going to be a lot of fun! I could tell by the way she was dressed, in her fancy yet beach-like attire and her messy blonde hair, that I was going to get along with this girl well. She was thin, tall, pretty, and confident, which are all attributes in a women that a lot of people can look up to. To me, she came across as friendly, she spoke professionally about her job experience and also about the tasks of the interior team. She spoke to us with respect. Kate was a breadth of fresh air!

Next there was Amy. As soon as I saw Amy, I was excited to be working with her again. In the past, we had worked together for quite some time, but on a different vessel. During that time, we became very close. We did everything together! We were best friends, however over time we did grow apart. We went our separate ways. We both had boyfriends, we worked on different boats, lived in different countries, and we lost that connection that we once had. To have the opportunity to reunite with Amy was going to be a positive aspect of this new adventure. On top of all that, I thought that Amy looked great! She was shining. She was wearing her favorite smile and a bright fun beach dress. I was looking forward getting to know her, once again. 

Last of the girls is Jennice. Never having met Jennice before, I was glad to see that we had a female deckhand coming onboard. In my previous job to coming onto Season 2 I had been a deckhand as well, so I knew I could relate to her on that level. She came across as friendly, somewhat quiet yet confident, and she had this ease to her presence. She didn’t stand out as much as the other girls did, I could tell Jennice preferred to  live a simpler life then most of us. For that reason, I was looking forward to getting to know her better, and I was hoping to see a more outgoing side of Jennice. 

As far as the boys, ironically I had already met Kelley as well, but only once before for a brief minute. When we were first introduced, I was standing on the swim platform of the boat that Amy and myself worked on together. At that time, Kelley was working on boat that was anchored close to us. He came over to us on his tender and we were introduced with a hand shake, and that’s all I really knew of him. However, I did remember his tattoos and that he clearly liked to keep in good shape. So, when he arrived for the new charter season, I was happy to see another familiar face. Not much had changed about him. He still had that great body, was tall, had blue eyes, and tattoos. He came across as very confident. I thought that he would be one of the stronger men to have on the exterior of the boat, and I was definitely excited to get to know him better. I thought that maybe Kelley could be my new workout buddy. 

Finally, there was Andrew. He showed up with his hair styled with gel and some not so professional sunglasses. My first impression of Andrew was that there was something that just wasn’t right about him professionally. He came across a little goofy, not serious, he was nervous, and it seemed like he may not be here for the right reasons. Yet, I had not seen his work ethic before, so I was willing to give him a chance and see what he could bring to the table. I was hopeful that he would complete our crew and be a valuable player. What's the strangest thing you've seen charter guests do on a yacht?
KH: Believe it or not, the strangest behavior on a yacht that I have ever seen came from a captain, and not a charter guest. During our off time, this captain had two favorite things in life to indulge in, and they were rum and women. He preferred to have them both at the same time, but that was rarely the case, therefore when he only had his rum, he would become very sensitive to the crew's words.  Myself, being the ball-busting, say it how it comes type of person, I found it entertaining to make a comment related to his sexual adventures (or lack thereof) when he was at the peak of his intoxication. It wouldn’t take long before I was running through the boat as fast as I could to get away from his wailing hands and arms. I would try to yell, to get someone’s attention from the crew to rescue me from our drunken and now pissed off captain, but at the same time, I was laughing so hard I could hardly get the words out. What made matters worse is that he would often be lounging around in his speedo, which made for a very awkward game of chase and hide and seek. I guess I was usually the antagonizer in that situation, but when you're bored and have been at sea for a long time, it can be entertaining to see people’s reactions once all of their buttons have been pushed. 
On the other hand, I have seen some wild behavior from charter guests. For some reason, these wild and crazy stories always are somewhat related to sex. The craziest thing I ever had a charter guest do was to bring an entire suitcase, which was bigger than a carry-on, full of sex toys on board! The only reason I knew about the luggage full of sex toys was because they would leave it open for me to see every day when I would clean their stateroom. Usually, some of the toys were lying amongst the room, in which I would have to pick up (with gloves of course) in order to clean the surfaces underneath. Ugh! To make matters worse, they would have the audacity to ask me clean their clothes, including the undergarments that were obviously worn during their sex sessions. Most of those items are "hand wash only." 
below-deck-season-2-blogs-03.jpg How did you spend your last few days before this charter season began?
Ben Robinson: Gosh! I actually had a lot to do. The evening before I left, I catered a large function for the Boys and Girls Club of Palm Beach and leading up to it I had to renew my STCW, which is a maritime qualification needed by charter crew. What was your first impression of your new crew mates?
BR: Captain Lee usually retains the same demeanor, one of the reasons I like him. There are no real surprises with him. The new crew seemed a little bit too good looking to endeavor the hardship of a hectic Caribbean season. I try not to judge too early, simply because I like having an open mind and giving people the benefit of the doubt. What's the strangest thing you've seen charter guests do on a yacht?
BR: To be honest, I’m not really there to view the guests, it's all a bit of hearsay for me being locked in the galley most of the time. I find the whole experience very strange.

below-deck-season-2-blogs-02.jpg How did you spend your last few days before this charter season began?
Andrew Sturby: I spent my last days in Florida chilling with my brother, song writing on my guitar by the canal near my house, and just enjoying the low key, country, Loxahatchee vibe where I live. I had a girlfriend just a month before the charter, whom I had put nearly all my free time into. Don't put all your eggs in one basket or you'll end up hangin' with your mom. What was your first impression of your new crew mates?
AS: My first impression of Kelley was that he must be a gym junkie with nothing better to do than train his arms all day…and that made me jealous, LOL! Amy seemed very sweet and grounded. Jennice came off as quiet and strong. Eddie seemed like a confident joker. Kat seemed confident and ready to go. My impression of Captain Lee was a man ready to take charge, but also who hopefully knew how to laugh. What's the strangest thing you've seen charter guests do on a yacht?
AS: Strangest thing I've ever seen a charter guest do is mistake the galley sink for a toilet. Unfortunately alcohol was NOT involved.below-deck-season-2-blogs-05.jpg How did you spend your last few days before this charter season began?
Kelley Johnson: I spent my last few days with my sister and friends. I was excited to get out on the water again. I was relaxing as much as possible, knowing what was ahead. I know the work that comes with yachting and I know it takes a toll on your body. What took up most of my time was my dog Gizmo. It was really hard getting ready to leave him. I have not spent more than a few days away from him since I got him as a puppy. So I was cuddling and playing with him almost any time I could. What was your first impression of your new crew mates?
KJ: When I walked up the stairs and met everyone I was really excited. I had heard how Captain Lee had led in the first season and was really excited about working under him. As for the rest of the crew...well I try not to judge before I get to know anyone. So I would say I was excited to get to know everyone. They were going to be my "family" for the next six weeks! I was really interested in getting to know them all and see what each one brought to the table. What's the strangest thing you've seen charter guests do on a yacht?
KJ: Other than some of the crazy shenanigans that went on during this season, my yachting career has been very tame. I luckily have always had great guests like our first charter group with Georgia. They really cared about the crew and never wanted to inconvenience us too much. I would have to say getting mounted by a guest and going down a slide would probably be the craziest thing I have had to deal with, and if you watch this season you will get to see it!below-deck-season-2-blogs-07.jpg How did you spend your last few days before this charter season began?
Amy Johnson: The last few days before the charter season starts I always focus on spending time with friends and family! This season was unusually special because my brother and I were leaving together! We were able to have a dinner party at my place with friends and family and just enjoy hanging out before we took off for the Caribbean. Another thing people may not realize is what a beating your body takes being on your feet, barefoot, running around for 16+ hours a day. To prepare for that, I squeezed in a few extra Pilates and yoga classes and treated myself to an afternoon at the spa! What was your first impression of your new crew mates?
AJ: My first impression of the crew and captain was overshadowed by my confusion that the boat hadn't arrived. That has never happened to me before, especially when we have a charter booked within the next 24 hours. It's hard enough to prep a boat for a charter in that short time frame, but a boat that is arriving from a crossing and has been at sea for days -- that is a disaster waiting to happen. Once I got over the shock of the boat still at sea, the impression that stands out the most in my memory was of our chief stew, Kate. I just remember thinking she was stunning -- I loved her outfit, big hair, wedges, big sunglasses -- definitely not the norm in the industry for that position. What's the strangest thing you've seen charter guests do on a yacht?
AJ: Working in a world where ultimate luxury is the basic standard, and serving that small percentage of the population who generally live as if the typical rules do not apply, most things might sound strange to an outsider looking in. Flowers flown in from Italy, famous paintings being thrown overboard by a boat owner in a fit of rage with a designer, gorgeous models brought in by the truckloads to pose as live mannequins, guests demanding the boat travel in conditions it cannot handle… I could go on and on. Exuberant living, lavish demands, and outrageous requests become a fairly normal part of working on a yacht. below-deck-season-2-blogs-09.jpg How did you spend your last few days before this charter season began?
Kate Chastain: Before I joined Ohana, I had just spent late summer in the Mediterranean working on another yacht. I left the boat in Italy and spent some time traveling to London and Abu Dhabi. I then returned home for the holidays to recharge before my next job. I love my hometown, and any time I can spend there is truly a blessing. What was your first impression of your new crew mates?
KC: It was quite intimidating to be the first newbie introduced to the old crew from motor yacht Honor. I felt like the new girl in class trying to sit at the cool kids' table. My heart was racing, but thankfully the entire group made an effort to make me feel at ease. It was a bit unnerving however, when Captain Lee questioned what name I preferred to go by. I was pretty sure I had put "Kate" on my resume, but suddenly I felt as if I had filled out the name portion of the SAT incorrectly. Was "Kate" not the right answer?! I second guessed myself, and hence, filled the awkward silence with a joke about three names; in hindsight I wish I had simply replied "Leigh." What's the strangest thing you've seen charter guests do on a yacht?
KC: I've seen charter guests do many strange things during my yachting career. My favorite was probably when we had some New York housewives o board: they spent their days purchasing sundresses in St. Tropez that cost as much as a small car, then returned to the sun deck to read the current NY Times' best seller book about disconnecting from the attachment to worldly goods. It was enlightening for all of us.below-deck-season-2-blogs-10.jpg How did you spend your last few days before this charter season began?
Jennice Ontiveros: I came to Ohana from holiday back home. I spent time hiking with friends and family, indulging in New Mexican cuisine (red or green?), and just taking it easy -- calm before the storm as they say! What was your first impression of your new crew mates?
JO: I had seen the crew from watching Season 1, and came on board very excited to work under Eddie and Captain Lee. I was really shy to tell Ben that I have a gluten allergy, but he was very kind about it! I tend to get intimidated by chefs of his caliber. I think Kat thought I was going to be third stew, so she seemed surprised to find I was actually deck. Andrew was also surprised, and I felt very small sitting next to him, haha! He sounded like he had about the same amount of experience on deck as I did. I thought Kate was so pretty and fashionable! She seemed like she was about the business of getting things done. I liked that. I thought Kelley and Amy were a couple, and I've never worked with a couple -- which is very common in yachting -- so I was curious to see how it would all go. I come to find out they're siblings, and it had me laughing. I thought that was pretty awesome -- siblings often work together in yachting as well. I thought Kelley was first mate, since his tats and military way made me think he would be a bit of a hard ass. I loved that Amy came off as southern straight away, it was adorable and charming. A perfect steward! Overall it seemed like the captain had pulled together a pretty great crew from day one. What's the strangest thing you've seen charter guests do on a yacht?
JO: Haha, umm, this charter season on Ohana boasts some pretty memorable characters, so instead of spoiling it, everyone is just going to have to tune in. When it happens, I think they'll know based on my reaction.

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