Going to Tortola? These are the 'Below Deck' Crew's Must-See Spots!

Going to Tortola? These are the 'Below Deck' Crew's Must-See Spots!

Nico Scholly, Emily Warburton-Adams, and Lauren Burchell share their favorite destinations. 

As we're fresh into the fourth season of Below Deck, it's already getting to be a bumpy ride between deckhand drama and loud kitchen arguments. Even though there's bound to be drama for Captain Lee Rosbach's crew, there's also an upside. The crew did some exploring in Tortola and decided to share some of their favorite places to grab a bite or party at night.

Check out what Emily Warburton-AdamsLauren Burchell and Nico Scholly have to say about their time in Tortola, and what they would suggest if you plan on making your way to the British Virgin Islands.


1. Their Overall Tortola Experience


Emily: My Tortola experience was hard work but good fun! Off the boat there is a holiday vibe that you naturally seem to get all over the Caribbean. The six week experience was constant learning and excitement as we got to know each other better everyday. It was all so fast paced! Enjoying the location is also heightened with the excitement of a romantic interest too.

Lauren: The British Virgin Islands are one of my favourite places on earth. Everyone there just wants to have a good time, whether it’s sailing, scuba diving, drinking or simply lying by the beach. It’s a never ending lifestyle of sunshine, water and good vibes.

2. Getting Your Relaxation on in The Baths


NicoThe Baths are an amazing, sensational and spiritual place. One of my favorite places in the world. Preferably if you can get there by boat and swim to shore would be ideal. However if you want to get some fitness in, then take the path from the street down to the shoreline. The water inside "The Baths" is said to be spiritual healing water. The beach is formed by massive ash gray and white boulders leaving mini "baths" inside them, allowing people to climb across them and swim in between them. After going through The Baths, you come across an iconic beach called Devil’s Bay with a crystal white sand beach and teal blue and green water!

3. Grabbing Some Martinis at Peg Leg's Restaurant and Bar in Nanny Cay

Emily: If I'm not having a vodka lime and soda or tequila then I'm a sucker for a great espresso martini, and Peg Leg’s version was a hit! I really liked their shrimp salad too.

4. Trying Authentic, Local Rum at Pusser's Outpost in Pusser's Landing

Emily: This restaurant is known for their Pain Killer drinks (which is basically Tortola’s national drink) complete with excessive amount of Pusser’s rum.. Unfortunately, I hate this cocktail (unlike Nico and Lauren who LOVE them!)

5. Release Your Stress at Serenity Spa in Soper's Hole Marina

Emily: Soper's Hole Marina is the best for massages at Serenity Spa. They aren’t scared to apply great pressure and work out the knots! I know from experience since I am a certified massage therapist of five years!

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