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How Did 'The People's Couch' Guys End up on 'Below Deck'?

Emerson Collins and Scott Nevins explain how they knew the primary and dish on the Below Deck crew. What was your connection to the primary charter guest, Rebecca?
Emerson Collins: We first met Rebecca when she did readings for us on an episode of Susan Pinsky's podcast Calling Out. She was warm and kind and a wonderful woman to get to know!

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Scott Nevins: We met Rebecca when we were a guest on Susan Pinsky's podcast where guests get a reading from Psychic mediums. We all quickly connected with Rebecca, and I was personally intrigued by her gift.

Captain Lee Gets a Reading from the Mediums What were your thoughts on the crew?
EC: Across the board, the crew is fantastic! Every time we turned around someone was standing there asking what they could do to make our experience more enjoyable. Kate is a badass, Emily was a darling, and the entire deck crew were not only hospitable but deliriously entertaining throughout!

SN: Confession: All three of us were obsessed with Kate even before we got on the yacht, and now more so after. Along with her staff, they pulled off some incredible themed dinners, and we literally never wanted for anything. Captain Lee was maybe the coolest person of the group though - a true gentleman, but also a no-B.S. kind of guy (as a native New Yorker, I get that). I've always had a crush on Kelley, and perhaps I have photos on my phone that I snapped of him in a wet bathing suit. Pleading the fifth on that though. The newer crew members were beyond sweet, and we actually really bonded with the girls on the crew. What was the best part of the experience?
EC: Hands down, sitting next to Captain Lee for dinner. The man is a rock star and runs a tight ship. (OK, and also being on a huge yacht being catered to every single second!) Another highlight was, since I have the palate of a five-year-old when it comes to eating, Chef Ben made me a grilled cheese sandwich! Though I'm sure his soul died a little bit to know that was my favorite food moment of the weekend, it shows how far they will go to make sure the experience is truly tailored to each guest's desires!

SN: The water toys! We were only able to get one day to play with the water toys because of the bad storm that hit, but that afternoon was by far my favorite part! I already have one of those little jet skis that you lay down on placed on my Christmas wish list! 

Another Deck Crew Disaster #BelowDeck
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