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Captain Lee: I Really Had My Doubts About This One

Captain Lee wasn't sure the crew would make it through this season.

By Lee Rosbach
Captain Lee Shares His Final Thoughts on Season 5

Well peeps, we made it through another season of Below Deck. I have to admit, there were times that I really had my doubts about this one. We had weather, we had totally green crew, we had people coming and going, internal wars, and not just squabbles, but knock down drag through the mud battles. Wow, is all I can say. And we survived. I learned a lot this year as well. One of the things I learned is that just when you really think you may know someone, you can find out that you don’t really know them at all. There was a lot of that this year. Some people surprised me in a good way, others not so much. So let’s jump into this finale and see where we end up.

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I’m taking Kate first this time. Some of you have expressed to me on social media that you think I have blinders on where Kate is concerned. But through this whole season, who is the one person who was there that I could really depend on that I didn’t have to babysit? That would be Kate. She had a bad hand dealt her and never came to me once about it, just sucked it up and got the job done. And seeing that we had a record year for tips, she must have been doing something right. Now some of you may say, well, you didn’t have to babysit Baker, and you would be correct. Baker was a stud, but still a bit green. So Kate, a tip of the captain’s hat to you for a difficult season and handling it like the pro you are. Thank you for all your hard work.

Moving on to Baker now that we have brought her up. Baker, you were like a breath of fresh air. You went about the task at hand, never complained, did your best to get along with everyone and understand when they were having difficulties and never said a bad word about anyone. OK, maybe with one exception. Even that was not without provocation though. That being said, I would be proud to have you work on any yacht with me. I would consider you a top asset to have aboard. You did yourself proud this season. You didn’t embarrass yourself or the boat. Congratulations, you will go far in this field if that is what you desire.

Nico, what can I say? I had such high hopes for you and to witness your behavior on board was extremely disappointing. I really don’t know what to say. Your behavior caught me so much by surprise that it left me speechless. Had someone come to me and told me that you were behaving in that fashion, I would have called them out on it, because I simply would not have believed it. And you carried the charade right up to the very end. Obviously you got the promotion you so eagerly desired, but after watching you behave in this fashion, I’m wondering if I may have made a mistake. You did your job well on this last charter and I appreciate that. I just wish that same Nico had been with me all season, not just the last charter. That was the Nico I thought I knew.

Kyle, not sure what motivated you this year. You were only on board for a brief time, but again, it didn’t take long for you to make or should I say, leave your mark on this season. I was grateful for the extra hand and the skills you brought, but I could have done without your dramatics. Really thought that you could have handled yourself with a little more dignity and restraint. But then if that happened, you wouldn’t really be Kyle. And I’m totally serious about the rock pile and the snake.

Matt, it took a while but you did pull it together, and I’m glad you did. I was glad that you toughed it out all season as well. I know it wasn’t easy for you. But when you did get it together, it appeared to me that you were having a lot of fun in the galley, which didn’t seem to be the case for most of the season. Kudos to you for finding your way and making the last charter memorable. Well done.

Bruno, you made significant progress this season. You got off to a rough start, but finished strong. Sorry that you got that nasty rope burn, but you did learn a valuable lesson, which except for some pain, didn’t cause too much damage. I’d be willing to bet it doesn’t happen to you again. I do think that you could make it on the deck, but keep in mind that a good steward is priceless, so that may be something that you would want to take a look at as well as maybe a pursers position. Either one you would do well at. You sucked it up on this charter and did very well. Still a lot to learn, and a lot of mistakes yet to be made, but all in all I wasn’t displeased.

Bri, I thought that you and Baker showed the most progress this season, and you deserved the promo that you got. One promotion I would not second-guess. You went about your job with class and dignity and no complaints. You handle criticism from Kate well, took the advice given, applied it, and moved on. And for the most part, behaved yourself. I’m only concerned with your professional side and am not going to delve into your thing with Nico. Why you might ask? Well, because of the fact that it’s none of my business, because you didn’t let it affect your work. Had it, I may have, but in my opinion, it didn’t. Good job on that front. All in all I thought you had a very good season and wish you the very best in the future.

And that brings us to Jen. Not going to spend a lot of time or words here. Jen, you have enormous potential. I hope that someday you will look into the mirror and be really honest with yourself. Maybe look back at some of your antics and really be honest. Sometimes you just have to let it go and stop playing the victim. Everyone in the world is not always wrong and you are not always right. It’s not always someone else’s fault. Once in a while you just have to suck it up and say, “You know something, I really screwed that up. I learned something and now I’m ready to move forward.” I wish you nothing but the best for you and your daughter moving forward. Just some friendly advice, nothing more, nothing less.

I would be remiss if I didn’t give a tip of the hat to EJ as well. Thank you my friend for coming on board into a difficult situation and handling it like a pro. I know it wasn’t easy. Can’t thank you enough for the help. You were such a big part of why this season was a success. Thank you.

Well peeps, that’s about it for me this season. I can’t thank all of you out there that support us. I do appreciate it very much, you guys hanging with us through this crazy season means so very much to me. So until the next time, and I hope there will be one, and that I get to be a part of it. May the wind be at your back, and may you have calm seas beneath your keel, and may all of your travels be safe ones. I remain grateful.

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