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Captain Lee Rosbach: These Are My Opinions and I Own Them

Captain Lee weighs in on Chandler's issues with Rhylee as well as Caroline and Josiah's awkward moment with Caroline. 

By Lee Rosbach
This Below Deck Charter Guest Leaves a Shocking Surprise on the Nightstand

OK, we are moving on peeps. Five episodes in and it seems that we have a couple of chinks in the armor here. Wow, these guests are going through life looking at it through a camera lens on a cell phone. I wonder, do they know something I don’t? Nah, I’m going with Chef on this on, put the phone down and enjoy looking at the sunset. It will never look as good through a lens as it will through your own eyes. That being said, to share it with a good glass of Pinot Noir and someone special won’t hurt anything either. I have encountered some comments this week that I am biased in my comments on my blog. I have no issue with that. It’s my blog, my opinions, and I own them. You don’t have to agree, you don’t have to read, it’s just my view. Like it, don’t like it,  it is what it is. So let’s get started.

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Let’s start with Caroline. Unless you were watching something that I missed, Kate asked a question: If you could get rid of anyone on board, who would it be? I heard her say Rhylee, and then I heard Josiah say, Caroline. Then Kate’s response to that was, “I love her.” Now, what do we make of that? Do people say things they shouldn’t when they are drunk? Yup. Do I think it is right? Nope. Can I stop it? Well six seasons and it appears that I obviously can’t. Should it be taken seriously? I never do, but that’s me. I don’t think you should either. I didn’t see Rhylee get her nose out of joint because of what we all saw. You voiced your thoughts on it, now drop it and move on, which I hope you have. I was glad that you went to the doctor and had your foot looked at. According to him, nothing serious that some antibiotics wouldn’t take care of. That being said, you also need to follow his instructions as well. When you were supposed to be icing your foot you were doing your hair when you should have been horizontal with ice on your foot while elevating it to reduce the swelling. But you didn’t. It’s hard to feel bad for your discomfort when you don’t do what’s needed to alleviate it. Sometimes you just have to deal with it and work through it. Uncomfortable, sure, no doubt, but when you won’t do what you are supposed to do to help yourself, it’s difficult to feel empathy for you. Taking twenty-five minutes to make three shots and one other drink? By anyone’s standards that’s not going to work, and definitely not on a charter yacht.

Did Kate Chastain and Josiah Carter Just Get Caught Being Mean Girls?

A bit of advice, I would keep my nose out of the deck department. You are a third stew on the interior team and have no business criticizing how that department gets run or how busy you perceive them to be or not to be. I hope your foot gets better, but you need to do your part in making sure it does. You can do better and are far more capable than you believe. BTW, you getting Ashton to clean up the nightstand with the condom on it was the scene of the night. Laughed my ass off on that one. It will go down as a classic scene. Well done.

Kate, I thought that the outfit with Ashton was a nice touch, too bad it was met with a ho-hum attitude by the guests. Ashton’s talent wasted. You and Josiah did a good job of picking up the slack for Caroline after her foot was giving her issues. The thing with Caroline seemed unfortunate, but I can understand how it can happen having done the same thing myself on more than one occasion. As I saw it unfold, you asked a question that was answered and the answer you got from Josiah just happened to be Caroline, and she had the unfortunate timing of hearing it. She voiced her thoughts on it to you and Josiah, so I hope it’s in the past where it belongs and stays there. This is nothing new to yachting. Although I do wonder why so much importance was placed on this incident when I heard Rhylee on a constant rant about Chandler and no one commented on that. Perhaps it’s because Rhylee is one tough cookie.

Speaking of Rhylee, have you ever had anyone ask you how you are without responding with a negative answer? C’mon, it’s a great world out there and don’t make it bad because you signed up for something that you regret now. Made your bed and now you have to sleep in it. Do I agree with how you have been treated? Not totally, but you have brought some of that on yourself. I’m sorry that you are the third mate, but that is what you signed on for. Does your boss like you? No, sure doesn’t appear that way to me. Are you a hard working person? I think that you are, and isn’t that what really counts? You will never get Chandler on your side, so that is an exercise in futility. I think you need to ignore it and let it go. Any other response is not going to help you out. I was glad to see you heed Ashton’s advice and apologize to Kate. That was the right thing to do and you should be commended for doing it. I’m sure it wasn’t easy, but doing the right thing isn’t always easy, and you never go wrong doing it.

Rhylee Gerber Just Threw Some Major Shade at Kate Chastain

All too often you get criticized for things that you say. Some of that to me is warranted. But, not all of it. Some of it is your bad timing and poor choice of words, not the content. I think you should work a bit on your timing. Pick the proper spot to say it. Think about what exactly you want to say and how you want to say it, so the delivery of some of your comments will be taken a bit more seriously. Not just as a third mate always complaining. Just trying to help here a bit. I can see that you are not a quitter, but you are frustrated, and I would like to see you get better at some things that I know will help you down the line.

Chandler, I don’t know what to say. I’m going to use a line from an old TV show, Dragnet, and a cop by the name of Joe Friday: “The facts ma’am, just the facts.” So here are the facts.

Chandler Brooks is in Hot Water with Captain Lee

I have no idea why you would change radio frequency without letting anyone know. Fire, man overboard, guest having a medical emergency, and a host of a number of things that we need to respond to in an emergency, and we have the whole deck crew off the grid. You jeopardized not only the crew but also the guests and the boat.

You have an asset at your disposal and refuse to use it because of personal feelings. The most qualified person on board other than me to take the guests fishing is Rhylee, and because of personalities, you refuse to use her, so you cut your other crew short on sleep to do it. That is not something that a leader does. Shame on you for letting your personal feelings towards a mate affect your guest service. Not a good look at all.

You let your personal feelings towards Rhylee get in the way of your team operating efficiently. How do I know this? When the rest of your crew comments on it, my guess is there is something to it.

You have a crew meeting in which no one walks out with any more direction or knowledge than they did when they walked in. I know this because I observed it.

I’m pointing these things out in the hopes that it can be corrected and you will take the proper steps to do so. You have the knowledge, I hope to see you use it and succeed.

So no opinions here, just the facts ma’am, just the facts. Feel free to dispute them at your discretion.

Ashton, you took another one for the team. Although it went mostly unnoticed by the phone obsessed guests, the effort was appreciated. What a waste. You did well. I thought you went above and beyond with pulling Rhylee aside and giving her some good advice, and letting her know that you were just trying to help her, take it or leave it. Well done. You had a good week as far as I’m concerned.

Chef, what can I say, it is really getting hard to write about you. I hold you in the highest esteem at this point in this season. Well done, and I don’t see anything that would cause me concern at all at this point. Love the interaction with the interior and for that fact all on board. A pleasure.

Ross, you continue to be a pillar of strength. I see what you are trying to do with all the exterior crew and appreciate it. I love the fact that your job does not suffer because of the politics of crew interaction. Way to stay above the fray and I feel that it will serve you well. Good week sir.

Josiah, you are still a stellar performer. I’m sure if you had that one evening in the penthouse to do over, you may have. To pretend that the crew doesn’t talk about each other is a fallacy and just does not exist. That being said, what you bring to the table is admirable and if someone has an issue about something you said then they need to bring it to you and discuss it and not walk out when given the opportunity to and then cry foul.

So there you have it, folks. My opinions and I hope that it stands on its own. My view of how things happened as I observed them. Not my intention to offend anyone, just calling it as I see it and how it makes me feel. You as a viewer are entitled to your opinion of what you saw and how you interpreted it, but so am I, and here it is. Like it, don’t like it, your choice, but just my view. Either way, I appreciate all comments and viewpoints and do not take anything personally. So take care and thanks for watching!

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