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Grumpy Old Men

Shawn discusses his web series, and Julie's smoking makeover.

I'm so excited that each week you the viewer will get to learn a bit more about me, who I am, what I do and what make's Shawn…Shawn. It's the insiders look into my life.

The first part of the blog this week is my take on the premier webisode that can be seen right here on (editor's note: right here). Check back every week, and you'll learn even more about me…perhaps more than you ever wanted!

In my life it's often hard to separate work from home, because so often they intertwine. The biggest reason is that Michael and I live, work, play, and breathe together. It's not codependency as much as a business decision we made years ago. We agreed that we would work together and build the Shawn Rabideau "brand." When it comes to business, we rarely make a decision without a democratic vote. We like to think of it as the check and balances of Shawn Rabideau Events and Design. Keep in mind the 50/50 split isn't always a good thing. I'm the creative; he's the business man. That combo is sure to clash at some point. One rarely understands the other. How we do it I'm not sure, but we do.

Shopping with Michael is like watching the comedy Grumpy Old Men. We often disagree, but find agreement in the disagreement. Some call it fighting, some call it b---hing…we call it conversation. I want something that Michael doesn't like, and he wants something I don't like. That's often the case when we shop. And how we ever come to a decision on anything still amazes me.

We were in the middle of our craziest event season (nine events in three weeks) trying to balance numerous events, decorating the office, and decorating our home for the holidays. Our excursion to the floral market was supposed to be relaxing and a moment to get out of the office and soak in the upcoming holiday season. Instead I turned it into a whirlwind of panic. Walking down the street, looking at my to-do list, all of sudden I got overwhelmed…and panicked. Between the office, home and organizing everything going on in our life, I wanted to get what we needed and get back to work. Michael on the other hand is always a little more relaxed. He saw no urgency in getting everything done at that very moment. That's just how he rolls. Me, I'm at warp speed wanting to get everything checked off the list immediately. Eventually got what we (Michael) wanted and everyone was happy. In truth…he was right, the poinsettias were better than the cyclamen or amaryllis.

I hate when he's right!

Watching this week's episode with Bethenny and Jason gave me a lot to reflect upon in my personal life and relationship with Michael. Both she and Jason have a ton of valid points when it comes to compromise and how they each deal with each other's personal issues. For me to say much more would be over stepping my bounds and completely out of place.

However, what I love about this week's episode is that Bethenny surprises Julie with a makeover from the folks over at the Rachael Ray Show. Next to Bethenny, Julie is by far one of the hardest working people I have ever met. If anyone deserves a little pampering it's Julie.

Over the course of the past year I've had the pleasure to get to know Julie a bit more, and the one thing she isn't is selfish. She is always giving to others and putting them first. She's always confident, caring, hard working, and all-around a super sweet person. This was the perfect gift for her!

I can tell you this, I saw her a few days after her makeover and she was (as she always is) smoking hot! I wish her all the best, and many more days of well deserved pampering.

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