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S3 - E5

Episode 5: Adrift

Tensions are running high as Jason decides to join Bethenny on the couple's therapy boating trip with Dr. Amador. As they sail further from land, the tide starts to turn just as Bethenny and Jason begin to work together. Jason gets incredibly seasick and rendered unable to perform his "duty" of cooking the meal for the group. Things go from bad to worse when Dr. Amador informs them that they are essentially lost at sea as the GPS system on the boat has stopped working. A very worried Bethenny and Jason wait for the tow to arrive to put an end to this fifteen hour ordeal. Once on dry land, Jason and Bethenny race to the dock to kiss dry land and are reunited with Bryn. The next morning at brunch with Jason proclaims that overall the trip was worthwhile as it made him realize that no matter how bad things get, he wants Bethenny by his side and with Bethenny, things are never boring!

Aired: 03/19/2012