Episode 7: All Da Boats

Episode 7: All Da Boats

Season 3 |
Aired: April 2, 2012

Bethenny is getting quite a lot of attention these days, but not all attention is good attention. One "scandal" after the next, Bethenny is making headlines. Bethenny realizes she never had this kind of trouble until she made her money, and maybe mo' money mo' problems is right! Life must go on so Dwayne, Bethenny's driver takes shopping with one of her interior designers for the new apartment. But, even shopping is not a good enough distraction as Bethenny can't stop thinking about everything that is going on in the press, she is not a "no comment" kind of girl. After much consideration, Bethenny decides to go on the TODAY show to clear her name in an interview with Matt Lauer. Bethenny also decides to fly to L.A. to be a guest on ELLEN and ending her week on a high.

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