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A Place of Pregnant

Julie talks about Bethenny's weekend with the in-laws, Cookie's therapist, and more!

By Julie Plake

This week's episode you see a lot more of what's going on in Bethenny's life. Bethenny has a core group of friends and I think that the "family" thing is very new for her. She is very lucky that by marrying Jason she is getting two AMAZING in-laws. It was a huge step for Bethenny to have her in-laws visit for the weekend while Jason was away. She really bonded with Jason's parents! I remember he called me and asked how it was going. I told him, "They are having the best time ever! Bethenny included!"

Being Bethenny's assistant, things move really fast. Sometimes things move too fast, and we bite off more than we can chew. The days are long - the schedule is taxing and the stress is high. Managing a schedule when Bethenny was pregnant was difficult. I know she wanted to "come from a place of yes" but sometimes I needed to remind her that we need to "come from a place of pregnant" - we couldn't say yes to everything, and with all the wedding planning some things had to take a back seat. Life only gets crazier. Watch what happens!

Having Max escort Bethenny to things like the JCC luncheon and wedding venues made it a lot easier for me to stay behind and complete other tasks at the office. However, I was a little nervous sending Max to JCC Event. I know how overwhelming attending an event with Bethenny can be. Although Max made some rookie mistakes, I HAVE been there. I can't even count how many times in my first few months I didn't call a car in time or forgot a phone charger. You learn from experience. I can only "tell" Max so much. He needs to be in the field to understand and learn, and that is exactly what happened.

Cookie is a great dog, but she has issues. Like Bethenny says, "She's complicated." Like Bethenny, Cookie has a core group of people she loves and it is difficult for her to let people in. This and other reasons (the excruciating barking I hear a million times a day) are why I was very excited for the dog therapist to visit. I was a huge advocate, and begged Bethenny to hire someone. I love Cookie, but Bethenny is so close to her that sometimes it is hard for her to realize what is actually going on. I knew that an expert could help. And she did. We got A LOT of good advice that day. Was I surprised that Cookie's personality traits mirrored Bethenny's? NO. Not at all.

Also - people keep asking me about the "pee bucket" at the wedding in the previews. Just like you, I am excited to see what happens. I think I blocked it out of my memory! So keep tuning in!

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