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So Hoppy Together

Julie talks wedding day chaos, peeing in odd places, and the wild wedding reception!

By Julie Plake


The day that we had been planning for SOOO long (a month? really?) was finally here. In true assistant fashion, I knew my job was to stay calm and relaxed throughout the entire day and night. I honestly threw all of my things in a bag, not knowing what I would wear or if I even had shoes. But it didn't matter. The day was all about Jason and Bethenny being "Hoppy"!

It is so very "Jason" to have given Bethenny that note. He handed it to me when I saw him outside the hotel room, and I knew in the back of my head it would say something so sweet. However, when I went into see Bethenny in her hotel room to give her the note, I didn't realize that it would turn into such an emotional moment. Her crying, me crying and her clay mask running down her face!

The rest of the day went by SO fast ... getting ready in the hotel room and then heading to the Four Seasons Restaurant in the SUV was all a whirlwind to me. I am thinking the whole time - do we have everything? Do we have her shoes? Her underwear? Will the dress fit? Does she need deodorant? You only see a few brief moments of us in the bridal suite, but let me tell you. We were there for over two hours and each moment that the ceremony got closer, I got more excited and Bethenny's smile got bigger. My boyfriend was out in the pre-cocktail party, and I ran out there a few times to tell him, "I CAN'T even believe this is happening!" and "Just wait until you see how beautiful Bethenny looks!"

Now the peeing situation. When you gotta go, you gotta go. After I told one of my friends the story, she was like, "Julie, you have peed in way worse spots, right? I mean you did go to Penn State." Bethenny is my boss, but on her wedding day she was my boss AND my friend AND my family. There is no doubt in my mind that if on my wedding day, I was in the exact same situation, one of my best girlfriends would hold a pee bucket for me. I didn't over think it - hell, I think I suggested it. I am just sorry that Shawn had to be there too. I don't think it was part of my "job" description, but it DEFINITELY was not apart of his.


The ceremony was beautiful, their vows were so touching and I knew that the two of them were just as excited to get the PARTY started. The food was great, the cake was so tasty and the drinks were flowing. Honestly my favorite part was watching everyone get SO into dancing. The dance floor was NEVER empty and people were so intense. I felt like I should have choreographed a dance or something.

As Bethenny would say, "We laughed, we cried, we danced," and it was a more beautiful night than anyone could have ever imagined.

Jason and Bethenny are truly lucky to have found each other.

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