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10 Reasons To Break Up With Your Boring Workout And Bring Your Friends

 Whether you prefer to workout at home or go to the gym, switching up your fitness routine will get you to your goals faster. Just add friends!

By Shape

Don't get us wrong, every solo sweat sesh definitely has its perks. And if you've found the motivation to migrate from your couch over to your free weights, you are one step closer to being fit AF. But if you've caught yourself talking back to your T.V. workout instructor more than once (it's too early to be so chipper, Stefan, OK?!) it's time to ditch your basement, grab your girlfriends, and hit the gym together.

1. Because There's Safety In Numbers

While yes, the thought of jumping around like an uncoordinated kangaroo during Zumba class is daunting, the thought of doing so with your friends is downright hilarious. It's like a college party, with less frat boys and more clothing (equal amounts of sweat and J.Lo music though, probably).


Wingwomen are just as necessary at the gym as they are on the dating scene. (Especially if you're working on that Ultimate Post-Breakup Revenge Body—click here to get it!) While you relish the privilege of staring at your gym crush from the safety of your elliptical, your girlfriends can spend some time investigating whether he's working out with a girlfriend and vet him if he has no grasp of proper gym etiquette (we know you didn't wipe down that mat, sir—ringworm for everyone).

3. Because You Reek of Lonely Basement Sadness

Working out in your basement is great for your body but sad for your soul. Drop your resistance band, put on some SPF, and venture out into the world to sweat with your friends IRL. And take that scrunchie off while you're at it.

4. Because They Provide IRL Motivation

Do you have an album in your photostream dedicated solely to screenshots of super fit, Instagram-famous girls in Nike Pro 3'' workout shorts? Do you ever wonder who takes all of these perfectly lit, strategically posed flex photos? No? Just us? Anyway, if you go to the gym with your friends, you'll become motivated by women you admire in real life, not through your iPhone screen.

5. Because When You Sweat Together, You Can Drink Together

You know what's better than wine night with your girlfriends? Wine night with your girlfriends after working out with your girlfriends because you can drink all of the glasses of wine without any of the guilt!

6.. Because They Help You Measure Your Goals

You've heard it before—enlisting a workout buddy always leads to better gym accountability. But working out with your best friend leads to measurable fitness goals. If you're supposed to go to the gym with Molly, you'll show up for your workout because you and Molly share a birthday weekend and you know there are going to be photos of your birthday outfit all over the internet.

7.. Because They Get Your Gripes

Are you having trouble holding form on your last few reps? Would you rather run into traffic than attempt another pull-up? Do you have a hideous case of visible panty line? Your girlfriends are here to help you finish strong.

8.. Because Waking Up Is Hard to Do

Waking up early is the worst. Waking up early to workout is even harder than waking up early to do something fun, (i.e. eat pancakes, go to brunch, play with puppies, etc.). Waking up early to work out with your friends should help you limit yourself to a mere three alarm "snoozes."

9.. Because a Little Friendly Competition Goes a Long Way

Challenging yourself to workout harder can be...well, challenging! But when you're working out with your friends, it's easier to take on one general fitness challenge as a group and tailor it to your personal fitness level. Whether you're all pushing for one more rep, one more mile, or one less donut, having a support system makes a big difference.

10.. Because It's Just Effing Fun

Even if you're an introvert, anthropologists everywhere would argue that as a species humans are more productive when working together. Just look at all of those energy drink pyramid schemes that your entire Facebook newsfeed seems to be partaking in! If the thought of screwing with your solo morning run is horrifying, it's time to switch things up a bit—for both your body and soul's sake. Namaste.


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