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17 Real Housewives GIFs You Need in Your Life

Sometimes you just need a Housewives GIF -- and we're here for you. 

By Rachael Roberts

We get it. Sometimes the only way to express the epic-ness of life is a Real Housewives GIF. In such times of need, we've brought you the best of the best for every occasion. Monday again? We got you covered. Just got a promotion? There's a Housewife for that. Life isn't all diamonds and rosé? Well, it should be! And we have a GIF to prove it. Take a look and allow our 'Wives to get you through anything life can hurl at you. Because, we may not all be Housewives, but we sure are real. 


1. Beards.

2. When you get to work and realize you left your cell phone at home.

3. Oh, wait, it's in your coat pocket.

4. When you get home too late and Seamless has stopped delivering.

5. When there's free donuts in the kitchen.

6. When the next episode auto-plays.

7. When you realize you'll never be Beyoncé.

8. You hit 11 likes on Instagram.

9. When you walk into a meeting and your work crush is there.

10. When someone says they love your outfit.

11. When you hear last call.

12. Going to work hung over.

13. When you walk into someone's sneeze.

Courtesy is contagious people! 

14. When there's no more pizza.

15. You wake up and think it's Monday. BUT IT'S SUNDAY.

16. When you realize you're third-wheeled.

17. When there's a new Real Housewives on tonight.

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