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5 Best Bachelorette Party Destinations for the Bride Who Wants to Rage

It will be the best time of her life, whether or not she remembers it.

Finding the right destination for your bachelorette party (or your best friend’s) is a lot like giving a thumbs up about a wedding dress: It has to fit perfectly, make you feel awesome, and look killer in photos. While some brides like to cool it jaccuzzi-side at an all-inclusive spa or Caribbean resort, there is another breed of engaged ladies who prefer to be a little less relaxed and… a whole lot drunker.

If you’re looking for the best time of your life — even if the squad can't remember it all — you might want to select a bachelorette party destination where the shots are already lined up for you, just waiting for you to say bottoms up (and out, obvs). There international and domestic spots are known for their party-hardy nature, so consider yourself warned and make sure you stock up on the coconut water.

1. Las Vegas

Duh. You don’t need us to tell you why Vegas is the ultimate place to get your party on with your squad: It’s basically the essential place to booze before the I do’s. With its long strip of shopping malls, outrageously fun pool parties, and nightclub scene, a few days here will feel like your lifetime supply of alcohol, flashing lights, mini bikinis, and glitter. All ingredients to a perfect party for your bach.

2. Miami

Miami is easy to get to, and therefore a great bet for parties traveling from many East Coast metros — like New York, Boston, and Washington D.C. With soaring hot temperatures (hello 95-degree weather!), lots of sandy beaches, and poolside parties, there’s plenty to do during the day, as long as you bring a ton of sunscreen. And at night? With night clubs like LIV, E11EVEN MIAMI, Club Space, and Blume... your liver better be ready.

3. New York City

If you can party here, you can party anywhere — or at least that’s what you’ll feel like once you conquer the Big Apple’s ample nightlife. With countless neighborhoods that offer everything from a warehouse party to an evening out in your highest heels, (trying not to fall on cobblestone), a bachelorette party here will definitely be one to remember. Well, that is if you can — between all of the booze, easy cabs to catch, and experiences that’ll take you by surprise. If you don’t mind skipping the beach and pool, then New York might be the best party destination for you: Go out in the meatpacking district to Le Bain or Gaslight, dance the night away in black lights at gay clubs like XL and Phoenix, and sample all of the amazing cuisine as you go.

4. New Orleans

It doesn’t have to be Mardi Gras for the Big Easy to know how to party! From the amazing cajun food you honestly can’t find anywhere else to a helpful open-container policy on all of the streets (especially Bourbon) this town will help you let your wild side out, and for a fraction of the price of most party destinations. If the bride is a fan of music, New Orleans has so many jazz shows that you’ll likely be overwhelmed. But good news: We can pretty much promise they’ll all be better than any show you’ve heard before. Though you might not find a ton of Vegas-style nightclubs here, what you will discover are hidden gems, bars that go hard until the early morning, and plenty of Southern charm. 

5. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Want to go international for your bach? While many locations in Mexico will fit the bill for a party-filled experience, we suggest checking out Cabo San Lucas as an option. Not only is it gorgeous (just think of those Insta photos!) and has year-round perfect, sunny weather, but it’s known for its fancy-schmancy hotels and active nightlife. With clubs like El Squid Roe, and Giggling Martin, you can actually beach hop around to find the right scene for your squad. When you’re not dancing away or boozing on the beach, your crew can take a snorkeling tour, go on a boat ride, or enjoy the amenities of your all-inclusive.

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