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9 Celebrities you wish were your BFF

These celebrities are so cool, we'd be honored to call them our besties

By SheKnows

Celebrities often seem untouchable, either because they're super pretty, accomplished or better dressed than you could ever hope to be. However, there are a precious few we can relate to a lot more, because they genuinely seem like real people when they're not characters in a movie.

These tend to be the same celebs who photobomb group pictures on the red carpet, totally geek out on meeting an even bigger star and have clumsy moments when climbing stairs. Yes, two out of three of those were Jennifer Lawrence.

Such flaws make these celebs seem approachable, and like they'd be accepting of us if we acted in the same spastic way. Sure, it would be great to hang with any celebrity, but one who's as easy to be around as any of your other besties would be the coolest. Here's a list of nine celebs whose awesome normal-person behavior makes us yearn to have them in on our speed dial (if that was still a thing).

1. Anna Kendrick

Who's cooler than the queen of Pitch Perfect, aka the funniest little spitfire around? While her Twitter personality is world famous, Kendrick's clever quips still feel manage to feel like they come from your average yet hilarious girlfriend. She's also a straight-up lip sync master, which means she'd totally be your go-to friend for karaoke nights.

2. Benedict Cumberbatch

I know, he's super hot and British, but he's also a total goofball — case in point, the many red-carpet photos he's bombed with aplomb. He's always willing to do his famous Alan Rickman impression, which would make him the perfect wingman at bars, and based on all his performances of brilliant men, he's sure to be an excellent conversationalist.

3. Jennifer Lawrence

You knew she was going to make it onto this list eventually, right? JLaw is a unique specimen of celebrity, because, aside from her obvious beauty and talent, she doesn't feel celebritized at all. Whether she's having a total fangirl moment over Jack Nicholson or partying on a boat with Amy Schumer, this girl epitomizes celebrity best-friend material. She also seems like she'd be brutally honest with you if, say, you were considering getting an unflattering dress. She'd be all, "Put that thing down, girl! You can't pull off yellow to save your life!"

4. Mindy Kaling

Kaling is a prize best friend if ever there was one. She writes best-selling books about being awkward as a kid, has created and stars in her own show and yet still somehow manages to come across as chill. She's totally that girl you knew in college who got into the best sorority, but left a year in because the girls there didn't party hard enough. She's definitely your go-to friend when you need to feel better about a date gone bad, because she had four last week that went way worse.

5. Natalie Dormer

Dormer would be the perfect friend to call when you want to turn a bar night into an all-out rager. She's a funny badass who won't be put down by anyone, online or in person. Heaven help the guys who try to catcall her while you're on the town together.

6. Emma Stone

This song line says it all: "I gotta pocket, gotta pocket full of sunshine..."

7. Taylor Swift

Ever get the feeling that a lot of people think they're best friends with TSwift? That's just the magical effect she has. She's the quintessential girl next door who will sing you a really catchy song she just made up when you're feeling blue.

8. Justin Timberlake

Timberlake may make a good friend with benefits, but he'd also just be a good friend, period. Look at how chill he is with his best buddy Jimmy Fallon. That guy steps up for comedy sketches, musical numbers and hilarious lip-sync battles. As long as you can stand not dating him, you'll have a dedicated bro by your side.

9. Amy Schumer

Schumer would be your perfect celeb best friend, because she still can't believe she's famous herself. Pair her with her new pal JLaw, and you'll be getting into crazy shenanigans nonstop. You'll also never, ever stop laughing.

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