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We Tested Amazon's Top-Reviewed Car Phone Mounts & Here Are Our Favorites

Because hands-free driving is smart driving, am I right? 

By Mitra Sorrells

We all know the rule: Don’t use your phone while driving. No need to rehash all the stats—I think we can all agree using your phone while operating a vehicle puts you and everyone around you at risk. But the fact is our phones also hold a lot of information that is useful while driving. Maps to keep us from getting lost, music and podcasts to keep us entertained, apps to help us monitor traffic, and more.

The solution is to mount your phone somewhere on your dashboard or windshield, ideally at eye level. And there are dozens of products out there made just for this purpose. But clearly there are some that are more popular than others. We rounded up five of the best sellers on Amazon—here’s a sample of what reviewers are saying and our opinion from testing each one.

1. WizGear Universal Air Vent Mount

Number of Amazon Reviews: 18,406

Sample Review: “This is a super-handy, simple to use solution, and all for an extremely reasonable price.”

What We Think of It: The magnet that holds the phone to the mount is very strong—my phone didn’t budge when I went over a speed bump—but it’s also very easy to pull the phone off the mount with one hand. This is a great option for you non-committal types: the mount slides on, no adhesive, and you can slide the magnet in between your phone and its case so it is also not permanently attached. But keep in mind your phone will be blocking some of the air coming out of your vents, which may be annoying in hot weather.

2. iOttie Easy One Touch 2 Car Mount Holder

Number of Amazon Reviews: 13,706

Sample Review: “First of all the extension arm is fantastic. It puts the phone easily within your reach. Then the 'arms' snap open so you can easily put your phone in place with one hand. A button on the backing is pressed when the phone hits it and snaps the arms into place grabbing your phone. Also the bottom holding tab slides from one side to the other so no matter where your charger is located the tab will not be in the way.”

What We Think of It: This is a sturdy mount that has adjustable viewing angles and a telescopic arm. The mount uses a one-touch locking system—just push your device onto the back plate to lock it in place and the remove it by squeezing the buttons on the side. It attaches to your dash with a sticky gel pad that holds it firmly in place but can also be removed, rinsed, and reused. There are now newer versions of this mount: the Easy Touch 3, which is a bit larger to accommodate bigger phones, and the Easy Touch 4 that will be coming out later this fall.

3. Mpow CD Slot Car Phone Mount

Number of Amazon Reviews: 8,356

Sample Review: “This is a great alternative for holding your cell phone if you have a small car and do not want things attached to your windshield. I was worried that it would damage the CD player, but it does not go far enough to cause a problem. It swivels to accommodate your preference of view. It releases easily and secures my Samsung with Otterbox cover easily.”

What We Think of It: If your car has a CD holder—and that’s becoming a big “if”—this may be a great option. Like the WizGear mount, it also doesn’t require adhesive. Just insert the flap on the back into the CD slot and turn the knob to lock it in place. Then put your phone in the mount and squeeze the sides to hold it in place. I really liked the position of my phone with this mount. Depending on your car’s layout, your phone may block some of your stereo display and controls, but the mount can be swiveled 360 degrees to overcome that.

4. TaoTronics Car Phone Mount Holder

Number of Amazon Reviews: 7,086

Sample Review: “I am constantly using Google Maps on my iPhone for directions while driving and wanted to stop holding my phone in my hand. I bought this holder and have mounted it on my dashboard. I have had it for 3 months, and it has been a good investment. The suction is sufficient enough to hold my iPhone 6 without me having any fear of it falling over.”

What We Think of It: The locking mechanism on the holder is really strong, but it releases easily by pushing a button on the side. The base gets mounted with a suction cup that has a sticky gel on it. Just make sure you are putting it on a smooth, flat surface. The mountaing arm has two adjustable dials, one to rotate it up and down and the other to swivel the holder 360 degrees. There is now an updated version of this that moves the one-touch release button to the back of the mount.

5. Caw.Car Universal Magnetic Car Mount

Number of Amazon Reviews: 3,832

Sample Review: “Tried several different mounts for an IPAD mini and they all stuck out 3 to 4 inches from the dash. Mounted this on the top edge of the dash and the IPAD only sticks out less than an inch and is much more stable. Perfect and I bought a second.”

What We Think of It: If you’re not crazy about the idea of having a bulky holder on your dashboard, this may be the one for you. The simple design uses a sleek, black magnetic ball, about one-inch in diameter, that you mount to your dash. A magnetic plate gets attached to the ball, which allows you to swivel your device 360 degrees. Attach the magnetic disc to your phone or its case using the adhesive, or just slide it inside the case or the phone’s battery cover. It comes with three magnetic discs so you can use with multiple devices.

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