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This Café's Coffee Has 80 Times the Normal Amount of Caffeine

If you don't feel this buzz, you're dead. Or will be.

By Aly Walansky

Generally, when we say we need a caffeine IV, we’re not being literal. Sure, we might be fierce coffee addicts, but even we have our limits. But one café in Australia is taking the most dedicated coffee fiends at their word, and offering a drink called the Ass Kicker that blows every other caffeine concoction away—by a longshot.

Yep... 30 shots worth in that one! #verygoodcoffee #knowshisstuff

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The Adelaide, Australia-based Viscous Coffee's new iced coffee is fittingly named, offering as it does 80 times (yes, 80 times) the coffee you’d find in a regular cup of coffee. It's made up of four espresso shots, plus ice cubes made of 48-hour cold drip brew, and 120 ml of 10-day brewed cold drip.

36hrs in and looking great. Thinking my prediction of ready Tuesday is a bit premature. Looking more like Wednesday-ish.

A photo posted by Viscous Coffee (@viscous__coffee) on

Viscous Coffee owner Steve Benington told Oddity Central that he came up with the idea for the Ass Kicker after an ER nurse asked him for a jolt of caffeine that would keep her alert and awake when an unexpected night shift popped up on her schedule. “She consumed her drink over two days and it kept her up for almost three days — I toned it down a little after that, and the Ass Kicker was born," says Benington.

The café recommends that you don’t drink the coffee all at once, but instead sip it throughout the day for 12-18  hours of optimum "up time." Seriously? When was the last time you allowed a delicious cup of coffee to languish at your desk all day, getting lukewarm and stale? Still, Viscous posts a warning to customers that anyone with high blood pressure and/or heart conditions will be drinking at their own risk, whatever sipping speed they choose.

No matter how badly you need the jolt of caffeine (and we get it, trust us), this sounds like a dicey idea at best. “Clearly the makers of this are trying to protect themselves by saying it should be ingested over time. But as a coffee drinker myself, I’m dubious that even I could hold on to the same cup of coffee for 16-18 hours. I’m afraid the temptation to drink it over a shorter period of time is so great that people, even otherwise healthy people, will get blood levels of caffeine that will predispose them to cardiac arrhythmias,” University of Cincinnati cardiologist Jack Rubinstein, MD, tells The Feast.

Still tempted to give this a try? Of course you are. So are we.

All we can say is, keep calm and drink responsibly.

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