Avocado Art Is the Latest Trend Taking Over the World, Because Avocados 

Avocado Art Is the Latest Trend Taking Over the World, Because Avocados 

Is there nothing the mighty avocado can't do?

By Sara Gauchat

Okay, it's time to stop fixating on toast and houses that millennials may or may not ever be able to afford, and start obsessing over avocados as straight-up art. On Instagram, the world's most favored fruit has officially become a blank canvas for some ridiculously talented (and hella-precise) artists. Around the globe, people are picking up some presumably tiny knives and carving right into avocados to craft absolute mini-masterpieces.    

And happily, the avo-artists are not keeping their delicate handiwork to themselves. Feast your eyes on some of the creamy-yet-intricate stunners below—just be prepared to become more than a little obsessed…

This Italian-living-in-Australia carving designer (he’ll reinvent just about any fruit or veggie—check out his whole mind-blowing Insta feed) was the artist who originally introduced avo-art to the masses. Not all heroes wear capes, people…

. . FOLLOW WHO MADE IT: @danielebarresi_artist . .

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Maybe we’ll all give that pit a little more respect now before tossing it immediately into the trash in a mad rush to make guacamole happen faster.

a freshly excavated Forest Guardian 🌿🌳

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Who doesn’t love anything pixelated? And holy knife skills, AvoBatman…

Are we the only ones who find these works by a Japanese artist borderline hypnotic?

And here's one that's pretty and ready to eat (OK, it's avocado toast, but still...look how gorgeous):

Cravings. Via @barhamavocados

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