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Real Talk: These Are the Gifts Your New Mom Friend Will Totally Appreciate

She might burst into tears...but that's normal, we promise.

When readers buy some of the products featured on Style & Living using the links below, we may receive a commission from each sale. Prices are subject to change.

Having a baby is a major deal, and whether you give birth naturally, via C-section, by surrogate, or through adoption, new moms are in a tornado of sleep-deprived EMOTION in those first days and weeks. As someone who’s done the damn thing a few times, I can promise you that we new moms have never been happier, but for some reason we’re sobbing. We’ve never felt more complete—or unsexy, or tired. (And in some cases, we’re in real pain.)

During this time the baby gifts are rolling in, but oftentimes, good ol’ mom is forgotten. Which is not to say new moms expect or need a gift—we’re too busy nursing or disinfecting bottles or worrying about everything under the sun (so much worrying!)—but I can promise you that if you did show up with a little present for your bestie or your niece or your sister, there will be tears. Lots and lots of tears.

So, if you’re thinking of showing the new mom in your life how proud you are of her latest accomplishment, the below list is what you get them. A healthy mix of luxe candles, cashmere, and mindless magazines, these are the things that will make their long, hard days better, easier or just plain fancier.

Make & Model Best Boyfriend Lounge Pants

BUY FROM: Nordstrom, $45

For new moms, the newborn phase means lots of lounging time. Nursing on the couch, feeding bottles while watching Real Housewives in your bed…repeat! Having a new, cozy pair of pants to luxuriate in during all this down time will brighten her spirits, and the drawstring waist will flatter her postpartum figure (and ensure she’s not stressing about baby weight).

Diptyque Figuier Indoor

BUY FROM: Spring, $290

Candles are the best gift ever for many reasons, but if there were a pecking order, the Figuier would be king. Massive with five wicks, it brings the outdoors inside with scents of fig wood, leaves, and sap. Perfect for those moments when she realizes it’s been days since she left the house.

Echo Dot

BUY FROM: Amazon, $49.99

This is a game changer for new moms, who are often stuck in a chair nursing a snoozing baby and thinking, “I should have ordered a pizza 20 minutes ago,” or, “If only I could stand up and dim the lights.” Now, thanks to the Echo, she can simply say, “Alexa, turn the TV off!” and her wish will be granted. Magic!

Nordstrom Lingerie Moonlight Pajamas

BUY FROM: Nordstrom, $65

Being a new mom is a messy job that involves a whole lot of baby puke and leaking boobs and worse. So a beautiful new pair of pajamas—that are nursing friendly, too boot—will brighten her spirits and make her feel like a human again. (Until the baby spits up all over them, but these beauties are washing machine-friendly.)


BUY FROM: Freshly, $49.99-$107.99/week

New moms spend so much time feeding their new babes that they often forget to feed themselves. They don’t have time to cook—or go grocery shopping, for that matter—so purchasing her a week of delicious pre-cooked meals is one of the more thoughtful gifts you can give. You’re literally putting food in her mouth!

Thermos Intak 24 Ounce Hydration Bottle

BUY FROM: Amazon, $10.90

A leak-proof water bottle is a must for two reasons. First, post-delivery, you’re thirsty. Like, running through the desert thirsty. Second, in the middle of the night when the baby’s crying and you’re reaching for a tissue (or your phone, or the monitor), you’re going to knock over your glass of water and ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE. At 2 a.m. This water bottle guarantees that won’t happen.

UsWeekly Magazine Subsciption

BUY FROM: Amazon, $39+

When new moms do find a few minutes to themselves, they quickly come to the realization that…their brains are fried. What’s the solution? A subscription to a mindless, buzzy magazine.

UGG Australia Cheyenne Cashmere Wrap Sweater

BUY FROM: Amazon, $348

For those nights when she finds herself rocking the baby at 3 a.m. to soothe colic…a luxurious cashmere wrap will keep her warm and feeling luxurious all at once.

ARROW BOOST Color Enhancing Lip Balm

BUY FROM: Birchbox, $14

When you’re home with baby 24/7, there’s really no need for makeup. But walking past a mirror and seeing your sleep-deprived, unwashed self can be a real blow to the ego. This magic lip balm does the double duty of moisturizing chapped lips AND providing just the right amount of flush to her lips, so she feels like herself again.

Fresh Direct Gift Card

BUY FROM: Fresh Direct

Like the Freshly meal delivery, Fresh Direct is also a gift that will be happily accepted by the new mom in your life. With a few taps on her computer, she can order up everything from cleaning supplies to party platters (for all those impromptu meet-the-baby visitors) and even wine and beer. Amen to that.

Fire Tablet

BUY FROM: Amazon, $49.99-$69.99

Little-known fact: Newborns spend a LOT of time feeding. In their mama’s arms. Hours and hours a day. Having a Kindle on hand to read a book or scroll through the day’s news will keep her occupied while her little one sleeps on her chest.

Signature Engravable Bar Necklace

BUY FROM: Stella & Dot, $59

A dainty piece of jewelry commemorating her latest accomplishment is something your new mom friend will cherish. And yes, she will likely start crying. But fear not, they’re happy tears.

Haslra Microfiber Fuzzy Socks, Set of 5

BUY FROM: Amazon, $22.99

After giving birth, regulating your temperature is a tricky thing. You’re sweating and wearing boxer shorts and tank top, but when you get up to feed the baby…you’re freezing. She’ll appreciate this set of super-warm fleece socks, especially on chilly winter nights.

Back Buddy All-in-One Back Support Pillow for Maternity, Nursing & Postpartum

BUY FROM: Amazon, $74.99+

The amount of time new moms spend arranging and rearranging pillows as they try to nurse or feed their babies bottles in bed…well it’s a large amount of time wasted. This pillow is genius in that its portable—she can bring it to the couch, and carry it up to bed later—and the side pockets can store her phone, glasses, extra hair ties and all those other things she wishes she had on hand while she’s feeding the baby.

Cosabella Trenta Hotpants, Set of 3

BUY FROM: Bloomingdales, $108

The newborn phase is a beautiful period of time that your friend will remember with fondness her whole life. But when she’s in it, she’s overwhelmed and feels very, very unsexy. These over-the-top pretty undies will make her feel beautiful…even if they sit in her drawer for a few weeks til she’s ready to put them on.


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