Bizarre Beauty Fact! Sleeping Naked May Cure Your Acne

Bizarre Beauty Fact! Sleeping Naked May Cure Your Acne

It may be time to ditch your jammies. 

By Adele Chapin
Jeff and Jenni on Sleeping Together

File this under: Who knew? The secret to getting rid of body acne might be as easy as getting rid of your pajamas. That’s what Dr. Dara Liotta, a New York City-based cosmetic surgeon, told Us Weekly in an article about how to keep your complexion clear. According to Dr. Liotta, body acne can happen when your clothes rub against your skin. (See: tossing and turning all night.) This friction causes irritation of the pores, and can trap oil and debris. What a nightmare!

But if you sleep sans PJs, that means less rubbing and irritation for your pores. “Sleeping in your birthday suit will help decrease that inflammation and clear up skin,” is how Us Weekly sums it up. Clearer skin and less laundry? Sign us up.

And, get this: Sleeping naked as a health initiative is actually a thing. Last year, Cosmopolitan published an article about the health benefits of sleeping in the buff, and one of the positives included better skin. Some experts say that being too warm at night disrupts anti-aging hormones like melatonin and growth hormones that keep your skin lookinf youthful. And, if you sleep without pjs, your body is better able to regulate its temperature. All this brings a saucy new angle to the term “beauty sleep.”

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