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Step Aside, Facelifts: Botox Forehead Lengthening Is the Hot New Thing in Facial Sculpting

This new use of Botox may raise some eyebrows — literally. 

By Jenny Berg
RHONY: Botox or Natural?

In the world of injectables, Botox is the little black dress. The filler can be used on a multitude of occasions, whether a patient wants to blast wrinkles, treat migraine headaches, or — yes — even assist with an overactive bladder. Now, the filler is being used for a new purpose: to lengthen foreheads everywhere. 

We know what you're wondering: If I get a longer forehead, what's in it for me? The results, it turns out, are all in the brows. According to Allure, people with low brows in particular have resorted to surgical treatments that bring up those beautiful brow arches through a process that involves making incisions in the scalp, then lifting the hairline and lengthening the forehead.

But if the same — or similar — results can be achieved using a filler, those who are hesitant to undergo surgery might prefer to try the needle before the knife. 

Though forehead-lengthening is an "off-label" use of Botox, the procedure has been tested by plastic surgeon Sarit Cohen, who's the head of the Israel Center for Facial Sculpting. Cohen and her team used the injections on a group of patients between the ages of 29 and 66 years old. After injecting Botox into the patients' frontalis muscle (that's the muscle that pulls the forehead forward and downward), the patients saw lengthened foreheads within two weeks. 

Sure, this new treatment may, um, raise some eyebrows. But, we live in a world in which anything goes at the doctor's office. Let's not forget butt botox and bra-bulge removal, friends!

Still, we can't help but wonder what Botched doctors Paul Nasif and Terry Dubrow would think of this forehead-lengthening business. So, while we wait to hear their verdict, we'll just keep praying for miracles from our favorite products for brows.  

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