Don't Eat Salty Foods Before Applying Lipstick (And Other Hacks For Gorgeous Lips)

Don't Eat Salty Foods Before Applying Lipstick (And Other Hacks For Gorgeous Lips)

Pucker up!

By Aly Walansky

We love our punches of red or pink, but that perfect pout can go south in a hurry. If your lipstick doesn’t last, or your lips always feel dry or flaky, chances are your lipstick isn’t getting to do its job. Here’s some great hacks that will help you get longer-wear lipstick—and more kissable lips!


“To get rid of dry lips and for a smoother lipstick application, use a clean, disposable mascara wand to exfoliate. I suggest applying a lip balm or Vaseline over your mouth first so it’s easy to get rid of any flaky skin,” says Hillary Kline, a freelance makeup artist. A scrub is also a good way to exfoliate.  “Exfoliate with a sugar scrub to prevent peeling or chapping of lipstick later on,” says Vanessa Ungaro, celebrity makeup and hair artist of Lauren+Vanessa. This is especially for matte lipstick.

Walk the line

Coloring in the lines is very important in your adult coloring book, but also on your lips. “Line lips with a lip primer pencil or a lip pencil that matches your lipstick exactly,” says Ungaro. Line and fill in entire mouth then apply lipstick over it."

Blot, blot, blot

When painting your pout, neatness counts. “After applying lipstick, place a tissue over your lips. Brush a translucent powder onto the tissue,” says Ungaro. The powder will go through the tissue and set the lipstick into place. 

Skip those chips

Salty foods are said to be a bad idea if we want to avoid looking bloated, but those chips can also impact our lips! Avoid salty foods prior to a big occasion when you plan on wearing a “wow” lipstick look. “Salty foods can dry out the lips, which is not ideal when your lips will be in the spotlight,” says celebrity makeup artist Matin.


The key to long lasting lip wear is to layer the product. “Start by using the lipstick as a stain and blot with a tissue. If you do this like 3 times your lipstick will stay on all day. It also helps to fill the entire lip with a lip liner in the same color [before] applying lipstick,” says Joey Maalouf, celebrity makeup artist and co-founder of ISH

Seal the look

Seal with a kiss. Well, no, that comes next. “After applying color directly, always finish up by perfecting the lipstick shading with a lip brush and top it off with a bit of a moisturizing balm, like ChapStick, so the lips don’t get heavily textured,” says Matin.

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