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This New App Lets You Earn Money Delivering Food to Others Whenever You Eat Out

Ready to crowdsource your takeout orders? Yup, now there's an app for that too.

It's incredible no one thought of this sooner: Now there's an app called Foodida that lets you make money every time you leave the house. Say you're heading out to pick up a burger at your nearest fast-food (sorry, "quick-service") joint. There's probably someone within easy driving range who is craving the same thing, or something else from that same place. You grab it for them, drop it off at their house, and boom: You've made a little extra dough. 

Or say you're not going to pick up food—you're just running errands, or driving home from work, or doing nothing whatsoever but willing to jump in your car and pick up someone else's fast-food takeout order. Once you sign up on Foodida, you can see what "open orders" are listed in your area, then commit to filling whichever ones you can handle.

Foodida is getting billed as the Uber of fast-food delivery, and it's easy to see why—although the food app is more of a two-way street (anyone can be both a deliverer and a deliveree). But will it take off the same way? Admittedly, there's something a little weird about entrusting total strangers with your food order. But skeptics have made similar remarks about Uber, and look where we are now.

As Foodida's CEO Stefan Fraas explained to VentureBeat“Why not bring someone else’s Starbucks when you are getting your own? That makes yours free. We are not looking for people who want jobs. We want people who want to monetize their errands.”

Fraas claims Foodida is different from other delivery innovators like Door Dash, which includes regular (non-fast-food) restaurants spread out over longer distances, and involves more driving time and longer waits than Foodida promises.

So, want to give Foodida a shot? If you have an iPhone, two years' driving experience and a clean driving record—and if you live in the Los Angeles area, the only place where the app works at the moment—start clearing some space in your wallet.


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