Gordon Ramsay Pledges to Eat a "F**king God-Awful PINEAPPLE Pizza"—But Only for Charity

Gordon Ramsay Pledges to Eat a "F**king God-Awful PINEAPPLE Pizza"—But Only for Charity

And he's going to livestream it on Facebook.

By Drew DiSabatino

It’s well known that using pineapple as a pizza topping is a "controversial subject" (we prefer the term abomination). And everyone from celebrities to celebrity chefs has come forward to stake their flag in the ground for their respective side of the battle. (And no, battle is not an exaggeration.)

Among them is Chef Gordon Ramsay who, last March while completing a hosting stint on the U.K.’s The Nightly Show, declared rather definitively, “You don’t put f***ing pineapple on a pizza.” It’s a claim Ramsay has not-surprisingly stood by post-declaration as well.

Now, however, he’s changed his tune slightly, announcing that he *would* be willing to eat a pineapple pizza under the right circumstances: in this case, for charity.

Taking to his Instagram, the celeb chef announced to his followers that if they were able to help him hit 500 donations to Great Ormond Street Hospital within 48 hours, he’d eat what he calls “a f**king god-awful PINEAPPLE pizza” and stream it live on Facebook for all to enjoy.

The charity drive is part of an Omaze fundraiser from Ramsay that will help the Gordon and Tana Ramsay Foundation raise vital funds for Great Ormond Street Hospital—“one of the world’s leading children hospitals.” In addition to watching the chef suffer through a pineapple pie, every donation sees fans entered for the opportunity to be flown to Los Angeles to attend a taping of Gordon’s The F Word as his VVIP. (The extra V is not a typo.) Guests will “Meet Gordon F-ing Ramsay,” be put up in a 4-star hotel, and “eat delicious food—possibly on camera.”

Donations of certain amounts can also earn you extra entries and perks like an “Idiot Sandwich” t-shirt or a “Have A Nice F*cking Day” mug, though there’s no swag in the world that would convince us to choke down a pineapple pizza.

Chef Ramsay must really love his charity.

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