Gwyneth Paltrow's New Perfume Has An Ingredient That Pairs Well With Sushi

Gwyneth Paltrow's New Perfume Has An Ingredient That Pairs Well With Sushi

It could also help you get a date. 

By Jenny Berg

Goop, the lifestyle brand spearheaded by Gwyneth Paltrow, has just released its second fragrance. When we connected with Goop's beauty director Jean Godfrey June to discuss the brand's first scent—the aptly named Goop Edition 01—she painted the picture of a cozy, wintry fragrance. "To me, it...smells like a lit fire, crackling, with the tiniest trail of sexy smokiness. And maybe the air inside an old church somewhere in Romania," Jean said then.

Well, the brand's newly released second scent—Goop Edition 02—has a decidedly different feel. The new perfume corresponds with the spring season. Think, as its marketing copy reads: "cool air, pale sun, new life unfurling on the forest floor." Ahh, sounds like a spritz of fresh air.

But, honestly, it's more than that—if you believe in the transporting power of scents. And—trust—GP does. "Working with natural fragrance is an incredible experience—not only because you get to make something beautiful, that's free of the harmful chemicals you find in conventional perfume, but also because the ingredients are 'real,' and harness the homeopathic and mystical properties that these plants and herbs carry with them," the Goop founder said in a press release.

One of the ingredients in the springy new scent is shiso. "[It] has a great, spicy green quality to it," Gwyneth went on to say. "It smells amazing, but also channels other powers, like joy, healing, and clairvoyance." The leaf, which isn't commonly used in perfume, has antibacterial properties, and it's also used as a food preservative. Yep, that'd be a shiso leaf on your sushi plate. (And here we were, thinking it was just for decoration.)

And, there are more benefits to the leaves besides yellowtail-preservation, besides. The press release for Goop Edition 2 lists this among its mystical and emotional properties: "manifests sexual attraction and relationships." The fragrance is available on

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