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Hair Sheet Masks Exist and We Tested One to See If It Really Deep Conditions

Briogeo's cool new hair cap system hits Sephora today.

By Adele Chapin

Are you sheet mask obsessed? Those little packages of instant moisture for your face come in all sorts of varieties, from rubber to lace. But we’re here to tell you that sheet masks exist for hair too, and they might be the secret weapon in your “no bad hairdays” routine.  

It seems like it was only a matter of time before the sheet mask trend in skincare inspired a similar haircare product. Today is the Sephora launch for Briogeo's “Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Hair Cap System," an intensive moisture and repair sheet mask for your hair.

It's a two-in-one kit, with a deep conditioning hair mask in one pouch and what looks like a normal pink shower cap in the other. But the lining of the shower cap is the product’s secret weapon, the “sheet mask”-y part of the deep conditioning hair system. The cap contains an inner fabric lined with Argan Oil Vegabeads, a microencapsulated argan oil that adheres to the amino acid surface of damaged hair. You can see a video here of how the beads help close structural gaps on the hair shaft. This is a very science-based shower cap.

All you have to do to start masking is open up the pouch with the fruity-smelling Briogeo deep conditioning mask — which contains frizz-fighting ingredients like biotin and algae extract — and then slather it on your hair from the mid-length to the ends. Put the cap on your head, and massage the repair essence on the fabric layer into your hair for 15 seconds. The plastic layer of the cap is supposed to lock in moisture, just like a sheet mask, and that moisture will help open the hair cuticle to absorb the mask. You can wear the cap for anywhere from 15 minutes to up to an hour, then rinse out the mask and style hair as usual.

When testing it, I decided to go all out and wear it for an hour while folding laundry and watching Netflix. It felt like the cap kept in all the moisture and it was convenient too. A note about my hair: the Briogeo product was in for a challenge, since I haven’t cut my hair in six months, dye my hair blonde often and I have major split ends. Post Briogeo treatment, the ends of my hair absolutely felt softer and less straw-like than before. I’m curious as to what would happen with regular use of the cap, along with a desperately needed haircut. Plus, think about how extra your #maskmonday Instagram pic would be with both a face sheet mask and a hair sheet mask. Multitasking! 

Briogio Don't Despair, Repair!™ Deep Conditioning Hair Cap System

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