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Holly Rilinger Spills Her Workout Style Secrets

Plus, what not to wear for indoor cycling.

By Jenny Berg

Confession: We had never tried an indoor cycling class before this week. (Hey, it was comfy under that rock.) But when Work Out New York star Holly Rilinger invites you to a Flywheel class, you go. The fitness queen brought a palpable sense of joy and inspiration to her 45-minute class, sharing motivational tips—and even singing Taylor Swift songs—throughout the ride. ("There is no shame in my Taylor Swift game," she laughed. Amen.)

Along with contagious energy, Holly has radiant skin, perfectly beachy waves, and some of the coolest leggings we've ever seen. Obviously, we had to know more. Rilinger sat down with us in the Flywheel locker room to chat beauty, style, and unfortunate onesies.


What’s your go-to brand for workout gear?

Well, I’m a Nike Master Trainer—and they are so good. What I’ve loved about Nike recently is that it used to be geared more toward the athlete, and now they’re doing a lot more athleisure. So it’s a lot easier to wear something and work out, and then transition to the street.

Don’t get me wrong—I don’t actually not change [after training sessions]. But I’ll go out at night in workout gear just because it’s easier. And there’s a lot of [Nike] stuff that’s just really cute and longer cut with side zips and jackets that are black… it’s nice!

Black jackets for nighttime—check. What do you gravitate toward for indoor cycling class?

I like Capri pants. I feel like it’s too hot to wear pants that go all the way down to the ankle, and I don’t love shorts because they can ride up. So I’m always wearing Capris. My entire wardrobe is Capris, usually in bright patterns. I’m really into the bright, patterned styles now.


And, you have a stack of cool bracelets. Do they mean something to you?

This [points to one] is from a Nike master trainer in London; she gave this to me at a retreat. This [bracelet] is from a very, very good friend of mine; this one is from this person in the Hamptons that took my classes and I always said how much I loved it. At the end of the summer she gave it to me.

They’re like friendship bracelets!

They are! I never take this stuff off.


Okay, let’s talk beauty products. What do you use to wash up after a workout?

I’m big on La Prairie products. I love their stuff. I actually have some products in my bag. There’s this one product that has eye cream on one side and lip balm on the other—so good. I also like Bliss products; the face wash is easy and light. For hair, I love Oribe products—especially the beach spray. I don’t have tons of time, so I’ll dry my hair a little bit and then put the beach spray in it.


Speaking of which, what do you wear to the beach?

There’s a new brand I love called Helen Jon. You have to check them out—I just did a blog post for them. I love their bikinis. I’m also a big fan of the surf brands. I have an athletic body, and I surf, too. So I love Billabong and the Roxy, just because I feel like they’re more tailored to my body type.

As a trainer, you’ve seen it all. Are there any gym style statements that drive you nuts?

Yes. Cycling gear! People come in [to a cycling class] in a onesie with pockets in the back for food and water. This is a 45-minute class; you’re not going anywhere. You don’t need any Gu to make it through.

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