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Throwing a Holiday Party? Here Are 18 Must-Have Items to Deck Out Your Bar Cart

And, please, no red cups on these bar carts.

By Talia Ergas

Remember when throwing a party meant you'd buy a value-pack of red Solo cups, have your guests show up with 24-packs of cheap beer, and call it a day? Maybe if it was a big event you'd all chip in for a keg of Coors Light? Or maybe you don't remember at all because, well, drinking...

Anyway, that's not the point. The point is, you're better than that now! Parties are an opportunity to showcase your incredible hosting skills. For example, rather than using solo cups, can we all agree that it's time to graduate, once and for all, to proper glassware? That includes wine glasses, champagne flutes, and rocks glasses (OK, sure, and some shot glasses, if that's your style.) Also, rather than stocking up on 24-packs of beer cans, how about stocking an entire bar cart with the proper spirits, mixers, garnishes, and bartending tools? 

As the holidays are quickly approaching and you're getting ready to host a holiday or New Year's Eve party, we implore you to take your adulting to the next level by investing in a fully-stocked bar cart. Watch the video above to see some incredible home bar items in action, and shop more picks below for a bar cart that's nothing short of epic. 

The Bar Cart

First thing's first: storage. Sure, you could just line everything up on your countertop, but there's something extra special about a dedicated bar cart that encourages guests help themselves. We particularly love this model because of the sleek, gold design and the extra-wide shelves. Oh, and did we mention the chic geometric design on the glass shelves? It's a bit hard to see in the photo, but trust us, it's gorgeous. 

A Less-Mess Jigger

Traditional jiggers have a one- and two-ounce cup on opposite ends. That means after using one of the sides, you have to place it face down to use the other end, which can definitely get messy. Our solution: this mini stainless steel measuring cup, which will always have a clean bottom. 

The Cocktail Strainer

Can you spot the cool feature on this seemingly-average cocktail strainer? It's the no-slip finger rest — another nifty way to (hopefully) avoid spills. 

Upgraded Mixers

While we're on the topic of adulting, can we talk about some grown-up mixers? Perhaps you'd like to make your vodka tonic with some fancy hibiscus tonic water? And for your screwdrivers and lemon drops, let's use freshly-squeezed orange and lemon juices, using this strong and sturdy juicer.

Containers for Mixers

Now that you've got your fresh fruit juices and simple syrups, we suggest you store them in uniform clear glass bottles. They just look so profesh all lined up on your bar cart. 

Erasable Markers

... And if you're worried that after one too many you won't remember which juice is which, label the glass bottles with these stylish gold erasable markers. You can also use them to label guests' wine glasses so they don't mix them up!

An Easy-to-Use Peeler

Great for right- and left-handed folks, this ergonomic peeler is a must if you're going all out and adding some lemon peel twists for garnish. 

The Sturdy Muddler

This is called the "bad ass" muddler for a reason: as sleek As it is sturdy, the double-sided tool will bring you one step closer to the perfect freshly-made cocktail. 

Foil Cutter

We know you got a fresh manicure for this party, so please don't chip your polish trying to open the wine bottle foil. This nifty tool will slice it right off. 

A Corkscrew That Actually Works

If you're hosting a party, you have absolutely no time (or energy) for a broken cork. This waiter-grade corkscrew will have you pouring that pinot in no time. 

Wine Bottle Sealers

Because you are the hostess with the mostess, of course, you're going to open up a few whites and reds of differing varieties so hopefully every guest will find something they like. Thing is, at the end of the night, that may leave you with a bunch of half-empty bottles. Don't let the leftover libations go to waste: This vacuum-sealing pump will save every last drop. (You're going to need it when you're cleaning up tomorrow morning, amirite?)

Champagne Saver

It is the same concept for your champagne: Keep your bubbly, well, bubbly with this air-tight stopper. Plus, the tool is a perfectly sleek and shiny touch to your cart.

The Multifunction Coasters

Of course, once you've given out the drinks, your guests need something put them on. Consider this: Four chic white marble coasters link up to become a single trivet. Now that's a party trick.

The Spoon-Straws

What's a spoon-straw, you ask? Well, it's exactly what it sounds like — a stainless steel bar spoon that's hollowed out so it doubles as a drinking straw. The best part: It even has a bendy section!

Olive Bowl

You absolutely can't forget the bar snacks. If you're serving olives (which will also come in handy if you're looking to make martinis), this bowl has a discrete little compartment to hide the pits. 

Reusable Picks

And for the guests who prefer their olives inside a cocktail, a sleek gold pick adds just the right amount of glamour to their drink.

Extra Large Ice Cube Tray

Of course, you're likely to be serving all kinds of drinks. Party-goers who prefer their spirits on the rocks will appreciate these XL ice cubes. (Greater surface area = slower melting.)

Mazel Rocks Glasses

What better way to get in the holiday spirit than by clinking some festive rocks glasses? We'll cheers to that! 

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