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What's So Great About the Instant Pot, Anyway? Fans (Cult Members?) Weigh In

#Instantpot might be the biggest thing to happen to food since sliced bread.

By Maggie Shi

By now, if you're on social media or like to cook or have friends who cook (so basically, everyone), you've probably heard about this thing called the Instant Pot. This innocuous-looking shiny gadget has managed to develop a cult following over the past few months, inspiring a Facebook group with over 400,000 members, sparking endless #instantpot Twitter and Instagram posts of drool-worthy meals, and generating all kinds of media attention with headlines like "The Instant Pot Will Change Your Life—No Joke" and "10 Reasons the Instant Pot Is the Best Kitchen Gadget You Can Buy."

When we first heard about the Instant Pot, we were skeptical. Isn't it just a pressure cooker, and haven't pressure cookers (which are fantastic cooking appliances, sure) been around for a long time? This just seemed like a sly marketing/re-branding trick.

But then, we dug a little deeper. OK, so it's not just a pressure cooker—it's a slow cooker and rice cooker, too. Plus, you can use it to sauté, steam, and warm foods, and make yogurt. This seven-in-one appliance can do multiple tasks in the kitchen.

Sunday night #instantpot cooking :) Homemade mac and cheese! Recipe by @dadcooksdinner #omnomnom #quesoinmyfaceo

A post shared by Sejal Dhruva (@sejaldhruva) on

This was sounding better, but was this thing worth buying? The best-selling version on currently retails for $99—a not-insignificant investment. So we turned to that most reliable of gauges: Amazon reviewers. At press time, 84 percent of the nearly 17,000 reviewers gave the Instant Pot five stars. Not too shabby.

According to these devoted worshippers, here are the miraculous things the Instant Pot can do for you:

Get You to Eat Less Junk Food

"This thing is magic! I can't rave about it enough. It has simplified my life. If you are trying to eat less processed garbage food and more real whole foods, the Instant Pot is your new best friend." —celticrystal

Add Zen to Your Life

"The ability to set it up, start it, and walk away is worth a lot. The peace of mind and ease of use has made this a popular cooking method in our house." —Amazon Customer

Turn You Into a Chef

"I am 42 hate kitchens, dishes and cooking.

this machine makes me an amazing chef and I don't do anything but throw stuff in it and hit a button. way doable.

easy to clean. makes my rolled oatmeal fast. makes rice perfect." —Nathane Gray

Inspire You to Downsize

"The most amazing kitchen gadget that will leave you wondering "What is the purpose of my stove?...Should I get rid of my oven?" YES! Yes, you should! The Instant Pot is all you need!" —Amazon Customer

Rekindle Your Love for Cooking

"This is an incredible addition to the kitchen. I have used it almost exclusively since receiving it. It's very easy to use and is extremely safe….Pot roast, various chicken dishes, pasta, rice, all turn out good. I was bored with stovetop cooking and the Instant Pot made me interested in cooking again." —rd5565

Win You an Award, Possibly

"No more all day meal cooking for me! This thing is gonna put me in the running for Mother of the Year!" —J Rod

Rekindle the Passion in Your Marriage?

"Our daughter bought us one for Christmas and we have purchased two more as gifts….Husband says the Pot Roast are the best in 47 years of marriage." —DM

Fulfill All Your Dreams (With a Side of Yogurt)

"Fantastic! Terrific! Awesome! Dino-Mite! It's everything I wanted & more! It's a dream come true & it makes yogurt too!" —Laura

What else do we need to know? We're sold.

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