Here's the Latest Wacky Ingredient You'll Find in Your Beer

Here's the Latest Wacky Ingredient You'll Find in Your Beer

Happy hour and tea time are now one and the same. 

By Aly Walansky

As the craft beer industry grows, we’re seeing everything from avocados to exotic trees being brewed. Is it any surprise that Japanese matcha green tea—which is everywhere these days—would be added to the ever-growing list?

Produced by the very well-known Sapporo, Yebisu beer doesn’t have a great deal of name recognition worldwide. However, it’s quite popular in Japan, where it’s widely available in supermarkets and convenience stores. The beer has even inspired a variety of Yebisu bars that are known to have a little fun with their drinks. Case in point? They've recently created a matcha green tea and beer mashup, a cocktail called the Matsuri. It looks like a frothy green beer garnished with a sprinkle of matcha powder.

Green beer isn’t so foreign to Americans (ever gone bar-hopping on St. Patrick’s Day?). But this beer cocktail doesn't involve any green food coloring. Instead, a batch of high-quality matcha green tea is freshly prepared with every cocktail order, then whisked right into the beer.

Rocketnews24 reports this beer cocktail is a “fragrant, enticing aroma of freshly whisked matcha mixed with the bitter accents of the Yebisu Beer; at once sophisticated yet soothing.” Sounds good to us.

Unfortunately, the Matsuri is currently only available at Yebisu bar locations in Kyoto and Osaka, Japan. But hey, if you want to experience the cocktail at home, there's nothing stopping you from whisking matcha into your own favorite brew.


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