Remember Those Sweatpants Thousands of People Were Waiting For? They're Here Now

Remember Those Sweatpants Thousands of People Were Waiting For? They're Here Now

We’re pretty sure your man needs these sweats in his life.    

By Courtney Thompson

UPDATE 6/2/17: We touched based with Public Rec and the brand confirmed that while the waitlist didn't grow too much higher back in January, the All Day Every Day Pants did sell out again in April, but have since been restocked—just in time for Father's Day! I surprised my husband with a pair for his birthday last week and to say he loves them would be an understatement. More news from the brand: the All Day Every Day Shorts are launching in mid-June, in the same fabric, fit and cut as the pants, just um, shorter. We'll definitely be keeping an eye out for those.

I’m always intrigued by the idea of wanting to experience something so badly, you’re willing to wait in line for it (be it IRL or virtually). Take a nightclub, for example. When I walk by and see people shivering in a 100-person line, all in hopes of gaining access to a hallowed dance floor, I’m in awe of their dedication. The same goes for those patiently waiting for hours for a cronut, or, in this case, months for a pair of sweatpants. That’s right, the latest online craze in men’s fashion right this very moment is an unlikely suspect—no, it’s not a Tom Ford suit or a Kendrick Lamar's Reebok Classic Leathers—but rather a structured pair of sweatpants dreamed up by Public Rec, a company that launched in May 2015 thanks to a Kickstarter campaign that set out to raise $15,000 and went on to reel in more than $160,000.

Sold out since November, the All Day Every Day Pants were created by former investment banker Zach Goldstein to be the male equivalent of women’s yoga pants—ya know cozy-wear that is also flattering and not, well, embarrassing. Or, as the website describes them: “A more stylish alternative to sweatpants, a more comfortable alternative to jeans.”

We talked to Zach, and he explained why the pants, which he’s sold more than 5,000 pairs of since the company’s launch, are worth on the hype. “These are nicer than a pair of sweatpants,” he said. “If you’re tired of seeing your significant other looking lazy or sloppy these are perfect. Whereas most sweatpants come in a small, medium, or large, ours have waist and inseam sizing, so they just fit better.”

The good news is that you can still get in on the action by joining Public Rec’s waitlist, and if you pre-order by next Friday, you’ll score a 10-percent discount. (The next batch ships in February!) And if you’re more of an instant-gratification type of person, we’ve rounded up five additional pairs of sweatpants that might not be quite as perfect of a fit, but they are available now, now, now.

All Day Every Day Pant

BUY FROM: Public Rec Apparel, $90

J. Crew Classic Zip-Pocket Sweatpant

BUY FROM: J. Crew, $69.50

Uniqlo Dry Stretch Sweatpants

BUY FROM: $29.90

Nike Therma-Sphere Max

BUY FROM: Nike, $120

Alternative Fleece Jogger Sweatpants

BUY FROM: Bloomingdales, $54

Hurley Getaway 2.0 Fleece Pant

BUY FROM: Backcountry, $54.95

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