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11 of the Most Unnecessary Pumpkin-Spiced Foods That, Amazingly, Actually Exist

When a seasonal obsession is taken a gourd too far.

By Sara Gauchat
Is Martha Stewart Pro Pumpkin Spice?

When is enough enough? Apparently never, when it comes to the cult of pumpkin spice. The flavor that ate fall shows no signs of making like a tree and leaving—which is why it’s still being added to just about any edible product that can be slapped with an orange label and touted on Instagram. We’ve rounded up 11 of the most bizarre (dare we say unnecessary?) spiced-up options here.


Limited Edition Pumpkin Spice Pop Secret Popcorn! Found at: Jewel-Osco #thejunkfoodaisle

A post shared by The Junk Food Aisle (@thejunkfoodaisle) on

The secret is out—the Pop Secret, to be specific. That thudding sound you hear is the popcorn purveyors jumping on the proverbial bandwagon with their brand-spanking-new pumpkin spice poppable treat. The trick for PSL devotees now is just getting their hands on it, because official sightings of the autumnal popcorn have been rather limited so far


If the only thing keeping some people from all-pumpkin-spice-all-the-time immersion was the lack of a space for it at the happy hour barstool, that problem has officially been solved. Captain Morgan’s Jack-O’Blast is a spiced rum bursting with the season’s favorite flavor (and the novelty bottle to match). So, pumpkin-spice shots are finally a thing. USA! USA! USA!

Cough Drops

Turns out that pumpkin spice also has magical healing powers. At least when paired with menthol in the REAL-LIFE pumpkin spice cough drops from CVS. And that means fall colds just got a lot more trendy or basic, depending on your perspective. 


Cheese trays are no longer immune to the autumn-food creep, thanks to Pumpkin & Spice Triscuits, which have been converting seasonal naysayers into fans with their hint of pumpkin, brown sugar, salt, and spices. They’re sweet, they’re savory, and they’re actually making pumpkin-spice-and-cheese pairings a legit issue to contemplate (we'd recommend a sharp cheddar).



Shut yo face!!! Did I buy it??? #pumpkinspicebutter

A post shared by Victoria (@v_i_c_t_o_r_i_a_pink_) on

When starting off the morning with a pumpkin-spiced hot beverage just isn’t enough, PS addicts can turn to Land O Lakes Pumpkin Pie Spiced Butter Spread to put some (semi) solids into play. Now every buttered muffin or piece of toast can taste like it’s being consumed under a cascade of picture-perfect falling foliage.



For people who always felt there just weren’t enough reminders of Easter when fall rolls around, now there are Pumpkin Spice Latte Peeps. The marshmallow chicks are ostensibly PSL-flavored (although they apparently taste more like coffee) and are dipped in white chocolate on the bottom, presumably to add an extra layer of decadence. No word on whether or not the Easter Bunny is a fan. 



For the southern basic bitch. #pumpkinspicemoonshine @justinemjohnson

A post shared by 🌺Laura L (@laurahrahrah) on

Obviously, the one thing missing from the Prohibition era was pumpkin spice. At least,  that’s what you might convince yourself if you sipped enough Corsair Pumpkin Spice Moonshine. And no, you’re not hallucinating—this is indeed a real product that has taken home actual awards at spirits competitions.



Basic bitches assemble! This IS NOT a drill! Our time is NOW! #pumpkinspice #fallislife #basicbitch #donthatethespice

A post shared by Jennifer Pearce (@gingasnap_13) on

It was pretty inevitable that an American dessert icon would eventually be mashed up with the autumnal insanity that turns us into a nation of unabashed sweater-coveters. And thus was born Pumpkin Spice Twinkies, which features the standard yellow “cake” packed with a cinnamon-y, spiced cream to bring the theme to life. But the fun with nutmeg doesn’t stop there, because Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake Twinkies also exist—just to make sure we’re all living our best life.  

Pretzel Pieces


These pumpkins... are making me THIRSTY! 😍

A post shared by 🍫🍺💪🏼 (@junkbanter) on

Let’s all acknowledge that the pretzel industry held out for a long time against the great pumpkin temptation. But the sourdough finally met the cloves in the form of Pumpkin Spice Pretzel Pieces from Snyder’s of Hanover. These crunchy nuggets of fall are apparently hot off the factory lines, so a hard-target grocery search may be necessary for the pumpkin-crazed salt fiends who are already jonesing hard.

Greek Yogurt


It's happening! *Ron Paul flail* #pumpkinspice #chobani #pumpkinspiceyogurt

A post shared by Cherry Teresa (@cherryteresa) on

Pumpkin spice can totally be healthy, too! The folks over at Chobani swear to it—which is why Pumpkin Spice Blended Greek Yogurt is now stacked on supermarket dairy shelves. And nothing screams autumn like three different types of probiotics, right?

Kit Kat


The Kit Kat game has been completely next level for a while in Japan, so it’s a little shocking that it took them this long to jump into the PS fray—but Pumpkin Pie Kit Kats are now available to grace the palates of Americans. They’re filled with pumpkin-pie flavored cream and draped in pumpkin spice coating, but their rollout is happening rather slowly. So just remember that pumpkin patience is a virtue.  

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