9 Fashion Moments from the 2017 MTV VMAs That Had Us Scratching Our Heads

9 Fashion Moments from the 2017 MTV VMAs That Had Us Scratching Our Heads

We'll be unpacking these issues for days. 

By Jenny Berg

Will Taylor Swift perform? was the urgent question on our minds before the 2017 MTV VMAs, which took place tonight in Inglewood, California. But as soon as the pre-show began, the folks at Bravo HQ began chatting among ourselves about other things, including: is Lorde wearing a ball gown? Do Katy Perry's earlobes hurt? And, Wait, where's the red carpet? 

Below, we break down the fashion moments that had us scratching our heads at this year's fashion-filled music event. 

1. Is Lorde Wearing a Ball Gown?

We've seen Lorde in any number of styles. (Including, as of tonight, a tin-foil-inspired skirt.) But Lorde in a fluffy, feathery, lilac ball gown is new to us. The style was by Monique L'huillier—and Lorde looked more like a rock princess than someone suffering from the flu:


2. Is Paris Jackson the New Bella Hadid?

This Dior style looks familiar—and it looks as hot on Paris as it did on Bella Hadid. 

3. Is Demi Lovato Wearing Hammer Pants?

We're not sorry 'bout this! 

4. Wait, Is That Amber Rose?

The style star had a totally new, sleek and polished look tonight. Did you do a triple take, too!?

5. How Many Hours Did it Take Nicki Minaj to Squeeze Into THAT?

Hip Hop's resident Barbie looked coated in actual bubble gum. That gooey fashion can't be easy to pull on—or off. 

6. Did Pink Just Pay the Sickest Homage to Annie Hall, Ever?

This badass babe flits like an acrobat from style to style. And tonight, she showed us how nimble she is with menswear—and mommy-and-me style. 

7. Does This 10-Month-Old Have George Clooney's Swagger?

Yes. Yes, Asahd Tuck Khaled does. That mini tux is custom Gucci, FYI. 

8. Are Katy Perry's Earlobes Burning?

As host of this evening's big event, Katy Perry had many duties—including keeping her cool while wearing car-size earrings. Despite her dazzling smile in this photo, was Katy in searing ear pain? We have to know! 

9. Is Jared Leto Wearing the Technicolor Dream Coat?

This sparkly cape deserves its own Broadway show. Is Jared and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat coming soon to theaters near us? 

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