People Are Having Hilarious Reactions To This Weird Piece Of Clothing

People Are Having Hilarious Reactions To This Weird Piece Of Clothing

We'd be laughing, if we weren't so confused. 

By Jenny Berg

What, what, what? We're having a hard time grasping this piece of clothing that was advertised by Urban Outfitters—and we are not alone. Cosmopolitan noticed this piece, advertised as "an ultra-sexy" layering essential, and had a hard time figuring out exactly what it is.

Photos: Urban Outfitters

"I'm not sure what to call it," admitted the Cosmo writer. "Ultra-cropped wife beater? Neck accessory? Anyway, they're selling... it." If you squint and tilt your head to the side, the $ has a kind of Flashdance appeal, right? Maybe not.

On Facebook, the reactions to the layering essential are pretty frank. Some people offer that the item would work under a low-cut shirt (modesty, you know.) But for others, there's simply no need for this thing to exist.

"Hasn't this been invented already? I believe it's called a 'BIB," said one user, who underscored her point with several laughing-till-they're-crying emojis.

For another user, a dubious Mean Girls style statement came to mind.

Still another commenter cut right to the chase. To her, the whole thing is "bull."

But, here's where the plot thickens. Urban has removed the... bib?... from its website, suggesting that the item is perhaps sold out. Stranger things have happened! The top is getting a lot of buzz, after all. So, if this becomes a huge trend for Fall 2017, at least one store told you so.

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