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The Daily Dish Pets

Let's Get Rid of Pet Hair Once and For All, Shall We?


By Mitra Sorrells

When I met the man who eventually became my husband, I quickly fell in love with his adorable little dog (and soon after, with him!). Spunk was a Chihuahua that always wanted to sit on our laps, nuzzle up next to us, etc. I would have loved it, except whenever I let him near me, not even on me, I became covered in his short, white fur. Fast forward several years, long after Spunk was gone, and we were selecting a new puppy to bring into our family. My number one requirement was that we find a breed that doesn’t shed. And yes, for the most part we succeeded. Our Tibetan Spaniel had beautiful long hair, and while it did require brushing, it was a huge improvement over the Chihuahua in regard to shedding. But still, especially in the spring, there was hair. On the sofa. In little puffs under my kitchen cabinets. Embedded in my area rugs. On my brand new black skirt.

And here’s the thing—it’s easy to get complacent, especially with a dog or cat that only sheds a little. You stop seeing the hair. But trust me—your friends and house guests see it. Especially if they don’t own a pet themselves. So what to do? First, regularly brush your dog or cat to remove as much loose hair as possible, then use a variety of tools to pick up the hair from furniture, floors, clothing, etc. Here are eight of my favorite gadgets to help you tackle this hairy mess (pardon the pun!).

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Upright Vacuum

Let’s start with the powerhouse weapon in any fight against pet hair: a vacuum. This bagless one from Bissell has been made specifically to tackle pet hair and it can be used on bare floors, carpet, upholstery, and drapes. The tangle-free brush roll means you won’t be forced to pull the hair off manually (a huge win!). There are three tools, including the “TurboEraser” that is made to grab pet hair embedded in seat and sofa cushions and my favorite—a crevice tool with an LED light built-in so (for better or worse) you can actually see all that hair under your fridge and elsewhere! The allergen filter is made with Febreze to instantly eliminate pet odors—a nice bonus. And when you are finished vacuuming, just open the tank and watch the hair and dirt drop into your trash, no need to touch it with your hands.

BUY FROM: Best Buy, $249.99

Be Forever Furless Brush

Talk about great marketing—who doesn’t want to be “forever furless”? This is a simple hand-held brush that picks up pet hair from clothing, furniture, drapes, and more. It has two rows of nylon bristles that grab the hair but are gentle enough to use it on silk, cashmere, wool, and other fine fabrics. Use it wet or dry. When you are finished, grab the clumps of hair in the brush and throw them away, then wash it in soapy water and to remove any remaining hair. (Orrr, just vacuum it clean!)

BUY FROM: Amazon, $19.95

Shed Defender


Think of this as a onesie for your dog. Yes it looks funny, and yes your friends and neighbors may give you a hard time—but you may have the last laugh when they realize that it actually helps to temporarily control your dog’s shedding. Made of polyester and spandex, the Shed Defender is intended to be used for a few hours at a time, for example to keep your car hair-free when taking your dog to the vet. And the important part: there’s a zipper so you can easily open it if your dog needs to use the bathroom.

BUY FROM: Amazon, $39.99+

Furemover Broom and Squeegee

I’ve had one of these for years and use it for all sorts of cleaning projects. The soft rubber bristles tackle all of the dirt and grime on your carpets and hard floors, from pet hair to dust to an entire box of Cheerios. Trust me. The squeegee component is comprised of a solid strip of rubber that pulls pet hair out of carpets, and can be used for cleaning windows and mopping up wet spills.

BUY FROM: Amazon, $19.57

Dryer Maid Ball

No matter how much you work to remove pet hair around your home, you may still find some on your clean laundry. Throw this ball in your dryer with your clothes and you’ll see an improvement. The ball uses static electricity to pull hair (and lint) off clothes so it can be captured in your dryer’s lint trap. It also helps your clothes dryer faster and reduces static buildup.

BUY FROM: Amazon, $11.70

Evercare Pet Mega Extreme Stick

Disposable sticky sheets cover this 10-inch wide roller, making it great for grabbing pet hair on hard floors, furniture, rugs, beds, and more. The pole extends to 43 inches and refill sheets can be purchased online.

BUY FROM: Amazon, $12.99

True Touch Deshedding Glove

This one helps to address part one of my strategy: getting all that loose hair off your dog or cat before it ever drops to the floor. The soft silicone tips work on pets with long or short hair, curly or straight. Just regularly rub your hand over your pet and watch as the hair sticks to the glove. And it provides a gentle massage for your furry friend—my dog loved it so much he’d roll onto his back as soon as I put the glove on! (One note: It is made to be worn on your right hand, so if you’re a lefty like me it may take a little getting used to!)

BUY FROM: Amazon, $9.57

Evercare Fur Erase Extra Sticky

This is a dual purpose tool. First use the rubber brush side to lift pet hair embedded in carpet and furniture. Then go over the area with the lint roller side so the sticky sheet can catch the hair and keep it from floating through the air (and back into the carpet and furniture!) The brush comes with 60 of the sticky sheets and refills can be purchased online.

BUY FROM: Amazon, $7.99

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