Dumbest. Recall. Ever: This Queso Was Pulled For Containing “Undeclared” Cheese

Dumbest. Recall. Ever: This Queso Was Pulled For Containing “Undeclared” Cheese

This Texas food company has to be pretty cheesed about this one.

By Drew DiSabatino

In general, food recalls aren’t something you want to mess with. Whether it’s cookie dough tainted with E. coli, Parmesan cheese filled with wood particles, or peanut butter contaminated with salmonella, you want to pay close attention anytime a brand explicitly tells you to send in, throw away, or avoid their products. They don’t do it lightly.

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Other times they don’t like to do at all, but are forced to when the FDA or some other oversight body pulls their products for violating U.S. food standards and practices. Mostly, that’s a good thing—like when it prevents the spread of mad cow or some other disease. But it can also, apparently, be a pretty stupid thing.

Just ask Texas Legend Food, the makers of Silver Star Chipotle Queso Dip, who recently had their product removed from shelves by the FDA when jars were found that failed to mention that the product contains cheese. (This ruling apparently overlooks the high percentage of people in Texas who speak Spanish and would have no problem finding the word cheese on the label.)

Still, rules are rules. According to the FDA’s statement the product is being recalled “because it contains cheese, milk, and eggs not listed on the label. People allergic to these undeclared ingredients could have serious, life-threatening reactions if they eat it.”

We don’t want to downplay the importance of food allergies or proper labeling, but it does seem a little presumtuous to think that a jar of queso, which literally translates to cheese, would somehow be free of cheese just because the label didn’t make it clear enough that it contains cheese.

The FDA concluded that the problem jars originated due to a temporary breakdown in the company’s production and packaging process, which means the jars of queso—sorry, cheese queso—should be back on the shelves before long.

In the meantime, just live your life assuming that every jar of queso you see contains cheese, unless otherwise noted.

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