Scheana Marie’s Boyfriend’s Adorable Dog is Really Upstaging Her On Instagram

Scheana Marie’s Boyfriend’s Adorable Dog is Really Upstaging Her On Instagram

Scheana’s abs are impressive and all but LOOK AT THAT DOG!

By Kristyn Pomranz

Scheana Marie typically uses her Instagram to post pics of her hanging out with Ariana Madix and Lala Kent in Mexico. Or pics of her superfit #goals-worthy bod. Or pics of Diff Eyewear charitable designer sunglasses. Now, all of these images are obviously very deserving of your double tap, but recently, the Vanderpump Rules SUR-ver has been getting a little upstaged.

Perhaps you’ve met Scheana’s new boyfriend, Robert Valletta (who is actually an old flame of hers). But have you met Rob’s dog, Frankie? He’s just the cutest dog in the world, NBD:

And now that Scheana and Rob’s lives have become intertwined, so Frankie has started making appearances on Scheana’s Instagram. 

Here’s Scheana, just trying to share a perfectly innocent bikini shot of her looking fit as a fiddle in a beautiful blue pool. But who will even notice her perfect contours when Frankie is just milling around in the background?!

Frankie wanted in our pic .. LOL photo cred: @jeremymadix

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Or then there’s this pic,of Scheana and Rob being so in love, living that unicorn pool floatie lyfe that’s supposed to fill us all with envy… but who even cares because the only thing we are jealous of is that FREAKING CUTE PUPPER!

Pool dog... @robsvalletta 💙🦄🌈

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Or maybe take a look at this pic which tries to focus prominently on Scheana’s flawless legs and stylin’ shoes… BUT ALL WE SEE IS FRANKIE ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT BECAUSE HE IS THE BEST DOG WE HAVE EVER SEEN!

#WorldDogDay was a success!! Frankie is pooped. 👟

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Anyway, keep up the good ‘Grams, Scheana! We can’t wait to see more of Frankie…er, we mean you?

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