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Shep Rose Has Some Career Advice for Craig Conover: "He Should Be a Carpenter, Like Jesus"

The #SouthernCharm bachelor shares where things currently stand with his friend.

By Jocelyn Vena
Is Shep Rose “Happy” with Craig Conover These Days?

Shep Rose kicked off this season of Southern Charm with a rather shady read of his pal, Craig Conover. In fact, the Charleston bachelor straight-up called him a "liar" in the wake of lawyergate while out and about with Cameran Eubanks. It was a comment that may have some folks wondering if the twosome are even pals these days.

"I don't have any issues with him. He just, as my mom would say, 'He'll tell a lie when the truth is a better story,' you know what I mean? And it's not harmful to anybody on earth 'cause he's got a good soul. He just sort of messages the truth for no apparent reason sometimes. And, look, I call people out. That's what I do, and it means I care, I think," Shep told The Daily Dish. "I mean if I don't care about you, I just won't even say anything."

Shep says that his criticism of Craig stems from their sibling-like relationship. "It's sort of a big brother thing," Shep said. "When we see each other, it's pure hugs and, 'What's going on? Let's get a beer and let's talk.' It takes a lot for me not to like somebody and, especially, I've been through things that nobody else in the world knows about except for he and I."

As fans saw during last week's season premiere, Craig has been spending his free time focused on carpentry. "I think he has these talents and skills that are really interesting, but he doesn't want to seem to cultivate them. I think he should," he said. "He should be a carpenter, like Jesus."

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As for Craig's prospects as a lawyer, well, Shep has a warning for his friend. "I don't know. My dad is a lawyer and sister's a lawyer. My brother's a lawyer. My grandfather's a Federal judge. My uncle's a judge. All my cousins are lawyers," Shep said. "My dad told me not to be a lawyer. He told me, 'It's not you," so it's not a fun job. And it's not exactly like a ticket to wealth and prosperity either. It sucks. You've got to bill hours. I hope he knows what he's getting himself into if he wants to go down that path. He took the bar, we'll see."

So, should Craig ever become a lawyer, would Shep call on him to get him out of any legal hot water? "Maybe 'cause he can talk some smack," Shep said. "I can see him getting me out of things. That might be his true talent."

When it all comes down to it, Shep notes that whatever ups and downs they may go through, they'll always have a special unspoken bond. "Sometimes we'll get into it a little bit. At the end of the day we are very different human beings, like extremely different," he said. "So, hopefully, I don't know. I'd like for him to, this is very dangerous territory ... I'm happy with Craig and I'm very happy with his relationship. I adore Naomie, so I think he's on the up and up in my book."

You can catch Craig and Shep every Monday at 9/8c on Southern Charm. Preview, below.

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