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Shiva Rose Shares Her Wellness Rituals For Morning, Afternoon, and Night

"Beauty rituals fill us up so we can continue to give."

By Jenny Berg

Shiva Rose is a certified holistic goddess. (That's how we think of her, anyway.) Based in Los Angeles, the raven-haired beauty has devoted her life to wellness, and her luxury range of handmade body products are all about creating a luminous glow. Here, she shares her tips for staying well, radiant, and calm throughout the day.

I feel beautifying ourselves naturally and holistically can add to our health and healing. When we treat our vessel with the reverence of worship, we are honoring ourselves and the feminine. In these modern, fast-paced times, I feel we have lost the essence of being sensual. Beauty rituals, and conscious self-care, can be a path towards awakening our feminine fire and living with vibrancy and passion. Beauty rituals fill us up so we can continue to give.

Many years ago, I was diagnosed with a life-threatening autoimmune condition. By living in a more holistic way, that respects my body and the planet, I have been able to heal myself. The beauty rituals, along with eating in a healthier more pure way, have led me here today. So I am very passionate about this topic.

In the morning...

I greet the sun rising each morning by first misting my face with my Radiant Rose Water. It is a powerful blend of rose, jasmine, aloe, blue-green algae, gotu kola and more. This wakes me up along with my skin. I will then take a spoonful of coconut oil for oil pulling. This is a way to get the body and mouth to cleanse after the time of rest.

I then make a point of doing my Kundalini yoga set which is all about awakening the pituitary gland. This gland is connected to our intuition and the endocrine system, which can lead to the inner glow we are looking for. Certain kriyas [or body movements] help promote thyroid balance and hormonal functions, which can lead to radiance.

I then will then drink Living Tea as I meditate. This tea comes from ancient trees in Taiwan and the teas haven’t been processed in any way. It is a way to connect directly with the plants and earth.

I then will anoint my face with my Rose Face Serum, which is a nourishing blend of anti-aging oils. I will press in the oil in an upward motion using my palms.

I will eat a healthy breakfast with lots of healthy fats to feed my skin, hair and brain. [I eat] fats like avocado, soaked oats in raw milk, or a smoothie made with coconut meat, almonds, banana, maca and cacao.

Before stepping out into the world I will put on my Glow Face Balm, which acts like a barrier to the pollution in the environment and also gives the skin a dewy look.

In the afternoon...

A photo posted by SHIVA ROS€ (@localrose) on


In the late afternoon I will have a blend of tonics to give me a balanced energetic feeling. The blend will be a combination of He Shou Wu (great for thick hair), Pine Pollen (amino acids for skin), Ashwagandha (for stamina and uplifting the spirit), Pearl powder (for luminous skin and minerals), Reishi (for the immune system).

In the evening...

Almost every evening after I have taken care of my work, my children, and my animals, I will indulge in a bath. Before bathing I always use a dry brush to clear old skin and awaken the lymphatic system. Once a week, I will take a bath in Cleopatra’s secret recipe of milk, honey and roses. Although she used Donkey’s milk, today you can use goat or cow. This is an incredible nourishing treat for the skin. The milk--I prefer raw, which has more enzymes and is cleaner--works as lactic acid to remove impurities. The honey is like food for the skin. You can also add some rose essential oil since rose opens the heart and is anti-aging. After the bath I use my body oils--Venus Amber for a more sultry scent, or Nectar for uplifting and joyful.

Once a week, I will do a facial steam with calendula, rose, marshmallow root, nettle and raspberry leaf. This opens the pores and feeds the skin with vital plant love.

Yes, taking time for beauty can seem like luxury, but when you realize how it fills you up and creates self-love in order to help those around you, you see it is an investment worth making. Self-care is not selfish but rather self-love. May you walk in beauty. “

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