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Single Girl's Guide to Valentine's Day: 15 Ways to Have the Best Night Ever

If you're ringing in V-day solo, it's time to treat yo-self! 

By Lindsay Tigar
Everything You Need to Stock a Bar Cart

We hate to break it to you, but regardless of whether you’re a glass-half-full (of Champagne) or glass-half-empty type of single gal, February 14 will arrive with its red roses and pink hearts no matter what. Though some naysayers like to mock Valentine’s Day as "Single Awareness Day" — what with couples setting their fine dining reservations here or booking long romantic, rustic weekends away there — the truth is, it’s really a holiday meant to celebrate love. And while you might not be 'shipped these days, we bet if you took a glance around all of those you hold near and dear in your life, you would see just how much love is always around you.

This V-Day, we’re here to make sure you take the time to shower yourself with gifts that’ll give you the TLC that you deserve. Hey, you never know, it could be your last Valentine’s Day single — why not spend it focusing on self-love and indulgence?

1. Luxe towels ... because who needs a wedding registry?

Quick: Think back on all of the weddings (and baby showers, and bridal showers, and bachelorettes) you’ve been to in the past few years. While you’re counting, let us make a proposition: instead of always giving your pals items for their home, why not invest in some little luxuries of your own? While not exactly romantic, you need fluffy towels just as much as your bestie with the engagement ring does.

2. The most perfect de-stressor ever.

If you’d prefer to spend your Valentine’s Day soaking away the bad dates, the ghosters, and the catfishers, we wish you a rubba-dubba good time. And might we suggest a totally luxurious candle to go with those bubbles that you can light every time you happen to swipe right and regret it?

3. Stationery ... for writing & stuff.

There’s something surprising — and refreshing! — about receiving a handwritten letter mixed in within the bills, credit card offers, and alumni donation requests. So invest in some Valentine’s-Day-inspired stationery to spread love to your besties, your grandma, and anyone else who will be tickled by the thoughtful gesture.

4. Comedic relief at your fingertips.

You might be wondering why your so-called "soulmate" is taking so damn long to show up (we’re with ya!), but keep in mind that along the way, you’ve broken quite a few hearts yourself. This super funny iPhone case might serve as the afternoon pick-me-up you need when a date last-minute cancels, or just a good conversation starter for your V-Day dinner with your gal pals.

5. Daily inspo artwork.

Hey girl, Ryan Gosling might not be there to sing to you when you need a reminder that you’ll find your love out there in this big world, but this decorative print might do the trick.

6. Give thanks to your girls.

Even once you do move on to the next chapter of your life with a spouse and children and the whole shebang, the friendships you’re fostering and cultivating now will grow with you. Buy a few copies of this gift for your besties to remind them how much you love them, and thank them for making your life so much f--king fun.

7. The cozy-as-can-be lounge shirt.

Yes, a candlelit dinner and a sexy cocktail dress sound nice, but coming home, ripping off your bra, and changing into sweats before watching Netflix is a pretty awesome part of being single. This lounge shirt foots the bill in that it's super comfortable and will have you looking like the cutie you are.

8. The only valentine we need.

Who's with us when we say wine is pretty magical? After a crazy-busy day at work, or a passive-aggressive email chain with your boss, wine really is the best Valentine of them all.

9. Labels be damned.

On your tax forms, when you’re RSVPing for a wedding, or when your mom asks you what you’re doing with your free time — the need to label your relationship status comes up again and again. Take the seriousness out of it and make it realistic: You’re not single, you’re not taken, you’re just hungry. Where’s the bacon?

10. Because every gal needs her beauty sleep.

Rest your head on a silky smooth pillow that will help end your bad hair days and prevents wrinkles while you sleep.

11. All you need is...

Let Valentine’s Day be your reset button instead of serving as a big ’ol reminder. This cute keychain can be a subtle daily reminder that you are loved and have love to give.

12. Something sassy for one.

Repeat after us: You don’t have to be in a relationship to rock lingerie. In fact, there’s something empowering about wearing a lacy set, a fun nightie, or anything that makes you feel beautiful, for no one’s eyes but your own. This sweet Valentine’s bra is a good place to begin building your bottom drawer collection.

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