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Ever Had Avocado or S'mores Beer? Here Are the 8 Craziest Beer Flavors You Need to Try

Rough day? Crack open a cold PB&J stout and unwind.

By Drew DiSabatino

The beer shelf is an increasingly crowded space for breweries to try and survive. Which means beer makers of all shapes and sizes are constantly looking for ways to make their products stand out. Sometimes that means unusual packaging or promotions, but other times it means creating new, unusual, and downright wacky flavors of beer. With that in mind, we rounded up eight of the weirdest, strangest, and craziest beer flavors that money can buy.

1. Avocado Honey Ale by Island Brewing Company

We tend to talk about avocados a lot, but it’s hard not to when they're in literally everything. So why would your beer be safe? Brewed by Island Brewing Company, a family-run microbrewery out of Carpinteria, CA, the avocado honey ale is described as a collaboration between “bees, beekeepers, avocado growers and brewery workers” that results in an amber ale with a smooth taste and sweet finish. Best enjoyed with guac and chips (we assume).

2. A Scrapple-Infused, Breakfast-Flavored Stout by Dogfish Head

Been searching for a new breakfast beer? (If you immediately answered yes, you might need to reevaluate your drinking habits—not that we’re judging). Dogfish Head Brewery’s Beer For Breakfast stout combines smoked barley, coffee malt, milk sugar, roasted chicory, and scrapple to create a brew featuring “notes of coffee in the nose and savory layers in the flavor.” What's scrapple, you ask (and might regret asking)? It's a traditional Pennsylvanian dish of pork scraps, cornmeal, flour, and spices typically eaten for breakfast. Just what you want your beer to taste like.

3. PB&J Barrel-Aged Framminghammer by Jack's Abby Craft Lagers

Want a little childhood nostalgia mixed with your buzz? Try this delightful Baltic porter, aged in bourbon barrels with peanut butter and jelly in order to create a “silky smooth chocolaty mouth feel enhanced by the use of oats and brown sugar.” We’d argue it’s even better than a real PB&J sandwich: no crusts to cut off.

4. The S'more Porter by Saranac

Everybody wants a lil S'more to love!

A post shared by Saranac Brewery (@saranacbrewery) on

Located in Utica, NY, the family-owned Matt Brewing Company has been churning out drinks since 1888, including its Saranac line of beers, which currently includes this campfire classic. Brewed with caramel, biscuit, and brown and roasted malts before being aged with chocolate and vanilla, the result is “a rich and decadent beer with the flavor of milk-chocolate marshmallow, and toasty graham cracker.” Guaranteed we'll be having s’more of that.

5. Banana Bread Ale From Well's Young Brewing Company

An import from the UK, this made-with-real-bananas ale can be found in a surprising number of U.S. beer stores. It’s a dark golden ale with strong banana notes that we’re just going to go ahead and say yes, totally counts as your daily serving of fruit.

6. Sriracha Stout From Rogue Ales

Huy Fong original hot chili sauce makes this draft from the Oregon-based brewer a real hot seller. (Yeesh.) If you like a beer that kicks you in the back of your throat after each sip (why?), or if you just live and die by the Sriracha code, this bright red bottled beauty is just what you’ve been looking for, you sadistic maniac.

7. Sweet Potato Casserole Ale by Funky Buddha Brewery

While you’ll have to wait until September to find bottles of this seasonal brew, you’re probably not too upset about it. Who wants to have a sweet potato casserole in May, anyway? But when fall does roll around, keep your eye out for this vegetable beer from Funky Buddha, which combines the flavors of sweet potato, fall spices, and yes, the ever-divisive marshmallow topping.

8. Key Lime Pie Ale by Tallgrass Brewing Company

If you’ve ever gotten drunk within the vicinity of a beach, you know that lime and beer are great friends. Tallgrass simply took that partnership and elevated it by creating its Key Lime Pie Ale. The brewery originally released the blonde ale, made with real lime peels, as a seasonal draft back in 2016, but due to popular demand is in the process of canning it now in preparation for its return as a summer seasonal flavor this month.

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